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Research Professional Award


Nominations: Aug. 31, 2018 (before midnight)

Many of our UC College of Medicine staff serve our research mission in a way that vastly transforms productivity and drives the research enterprise.  They do so by contributing to publications and grant proposals; acquiring and managing clinical trials; designing and executing experiments; recruiting, educating, and protecting clinical research participants; analyzing data; maintaining regulatory compliance; engaging the community in the research enterprise; and mentoring future researchers. They often serve with little recognition for the time and expertise they commit to improving the quality and rigor of laboratory and clinical research. To recognize this service to our research mission, the CoM Office of Research is soliciting nominations for a UC College of Medicine Research Professional Award. The award will be presented to a laboratory or clinical research staff employee who in the opinion of the research leadership shows an outstanding commitment to advancing the research mission of the College of Medicine. The recipient of this award will be recognized at the College of Medicine Research Recognition Awards Ceremony and honored with an award of $300 and a plaque.

Application Package:

To be considered, the nominating application must be in the form of a single pdf that includes the following:

  1. Cover sheet (include name, email address, professional title, department, and contact information of those who provided a recommendation),
  2. A letter of recommendation from CoM supervisor (not to exceed one page),
  3. Nominee’s CV, and
  4. Optional: Up to three additional letters of recommendation (not necessarily from CoM employees; each letter not to exceed one page). All letters should highlight in what capacities the nominee has served the CoM research mission.
  • Examples of service could be but are not limited to: authorship on papers or manuals/standards of operating procedures, significant intellectual/organizational contribution, patient recruitment/protection/education, meeting presentations, design of experiments, acquisition and management of clinical trials or grants, mentoring of researchers, generating/analyzing data, and organizing community engagement activities.
  • Please note the nominee’s service at CoM laboratories (not from employment at other colleges or institutions) and note only accepted publications (not those still under review).
  • For each publication, note what the nominee did for the publication and the form of acknowledgement (e.g., authorship, acknowledged support, unacknowledged support).
  • Describe examples of the nominee’s excellence, problem solving, collaborative nature, independence, dependability, endurance, effort, helpfulness, or creativity.

Nominations should be submitted as one pdf document to Brieanne Sheehan at Questions should be sent to Brieanne Sheehan.  

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominees must be UC-paid College of Medicine full-time staff. UC College of Medicine employees who are eligible have the following titles: Principal Research Assistant/ Research Assistant/ Sr. Research Assistant/ Research Associate/ Jr. Research Associate/ Sr. Research Associate/ Research Fellow/ Research Manager/ Research Coordinator/ Research Scientist/ Sr. Research Compliance Specialist Clinical Research Assistant/ Clinical Research Professional/ Sr. Clinical Research Professional/ Clinical Research Director/ Clinical Research Manager/ Clinical Research Project Manager

Note: Postdocs and faculty are not eligible for this award. Persons with the above titles who work in core facilities are eligible for this award. Employees of UC Health and CCHMC are not eligible to apply.

Clinical CV (PDF)

Bench CV (PDF)