Today is Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2019


Publication Recognition

Through our scientific publications, we communicate our discoveries and advances in biomedical research. High impact publications can set the direction for entire fields of inquiry, and they can greatly impact the care provided to patients.  In 2017, the CoM Office of Research will acknowledge the publications of our faculty, staff and students through our digital signage. In addition, we will celebrate the highest impact publication each month with increased publicity and inclusion in the annual CoM Research report.

Process for Recognizing Publications

If you would like your selected publication highlights displayed on the digital signage monitors and/or included for consideration as the Publication of the Month, please follow the instructions below.

Process:  Each month the College of Medicine Research Cabinet will review all publication submissions and select the “UC College of Medicine Publication of the Month”. The selection will be based on a combination of the impact of the journal in the field of study, the significance of the publication for impacting a program of discovery, or impact on clinical care. The Publication of the Month will be featured in the Dean’s List, UC Health’s newsletters, and it will be included in the Research Annual Report. 

To have your publication considered for recognition, please submit your publication here. If you are interested in showcasing your publication on College of Medicine digital signage, remember to create a digital signage flyer. Your digital signage flyer should include the following information:

  • Your name as you would like to see it in print
  • Your academic degrees
  • Your department
  • Headshot or image relevant to the publication (the image will be small, so do not include complex data or high resolution imagery)
  • Impact factor of journal (optional)
  • Up to 50 words describing the work and the impact of your publication to science or patient care, please note that dense text does not present well on the digital signage so the more concise the better
  • View an example of an appropriate digital signage flyer
  • Design your content using a UC word template 
  • CoM digital signage design guidance and policies



There are no limits on the number of publications that may be submitted by any investigator. At least one author must be employed by the CoM or be a CoM student. Publications may only be submitted once. Publications may be submitted as soon as they are publicly available. They must be submitted within one month after appearing in print, or one month after being published online for electronic journals.

Please contact Brieanne Sheehan at with questions.