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College of Medicine Research Core Facilities

The UC College of Medicine houses a number of research core facilities designated as core service centers. These facilities exist within multiple departments but are collectively supported by the College of Medicine, Office of Research through the Associate Dean for Research Core Facilities: Ken Greis, PhD. (; Tel: 513-558-7012).

The service center designation signifies that the rates charged by each of these facilities have been reviewed and approved by the UC government cost compliance office, thus the service fees can be cross-charged to federal grants and contracts. Details related to the services offered and the internal rates for each of the cores are provided below. Since these rates are substantially subsidized by the University, external investigators should contact individual core directors to get a rate quote.

Resources to offset some of the cost of the core services may be available through a variety of centers and institutes across UC depending on an investigator’s affiliation. Information related to some of those opportunities and the website links are provided below:

We have recently transitioned our core facilities booking and management to the PPMS system from Stratocore. To book and access services from the core facilities, please log in or create an account in Stratocore via:

My PPMS Dashboard

Stratocore Account Creation Guides:

NMR/MRI Animal Imaging Lab

This mouse imaging system and laboratory is own by the UC College of Medicine but is currently staffed and administered by experienced imaging personnel from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.  The laboratory includes a fully equipped chemistry lab complete with fume hood as well as a Bruker 9.4T (400 MHz) vertical wide-bore system. 

This system is capable of conventional high-resolution multinuclear NMR acquisitions, including z-gradient experiments, as well as magic-angle spinning 1H and 13C acquisitions of tissue samples. 

A gradient insert and special microimaging coils allow for 1H, 23Na, 7Li, 31P, or 13C MR imaging or spectroscopy acquisitions from mice and very small rats.  The system is based on Bruker AVIII HD hardware.

Types of analyses available include:

  • 400 MHz high-resolution NMR of extracts
  • 400 MHz magic angle spinning
  • Small animal imaging (mice and rats smaller than 150 g)
  • In vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy of 1H, 31P, and 13C
Location & Hours:
The core is located in Medical Sciences Building Room 4106. The Director is available by appointment.

Full service analysis by core experts


231 Albert Sabin Way
Medical Sciences Building Room 4106

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