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Ross Ristagno, MD

  • M D: University of Michigan
  • BS: University of Michigan

Board Certifications & Licenses
  • Subspecialty Certification in Vascular and Interventional Radiology American Board of Radiology, 2015
  • Subspecialty Certification in Pulmonary Medicine American Board of Internal Medicine1986 (lifetime)
  • Subspecialty Certification in Critical Care Medicine American Board of Internal Medicine, 2009
  • Specialty Certification in Internal Medicine American Board of Internal Medicine1983 (lifetime)
  • Specialty Certification in Diagnostic Radiology American Board of Radiology Specialty Certification in Diagnostic Radiology, 2015
  • Nuclear Medicine Authorized User of Yttrium-90 (TheraSphere®, SIR-Spheres®) 2008-present
  • ACLS Provider 2011
  • Ohio Medical License1983-present
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Peer Reviewed Publications

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