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Photo of Joseph Hudepohl

Joseph Hudepohl

Executive Director

Photo of Bruce Mahoney, MD

Bruce Mahoney, MD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Mary Mahoney, MD, FACR

Mary Mahoney, MD, FACR

Department Chair

Photo of Achala Vagal, MD

Achala Vagal, MD

Associate Professor

Administration Staff

Photo of  Samantha Atoyan

Samantha Atoyan

Corporate Employee

Photo of  Angie Berry

Angie Berry

Administrative Assistant

Photo of  Jackie Blackburn

Jackie Blackburn

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Tosha Feldkamp

Tosha Feldkamp

Program Coordinator

Photo of Shantala Gangatirkar

Shantala Gangatirkar

Healthcare Specialist

Photo of Michelle Hoffstedder

Michelle Hoffstedder

Medical Secretary

Photo of Monene Kamm, AS

Monene Kamm, AS

Research Coordinator

Photo of  Mary Lou Witte, BES

Mary Lou Witte, BES

Associate to the Chair

Section Leaders

Photo of Susan Braley, MD

Susan Braley, MD

Adj. Assoc. Professor

Photo of Carl Flink, MD

Carl Flink, MD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Mary Gaskill-Shipley, MD

Mary Gaskill-Shipley, MD


Photo of  Sangita Kapur, MD

Sangita Kapur, MD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Ross Ristagno, MD

Ross Ristagno, MD

Associate Professor

Photo of Jennifer Scheler, MD

Jennifer Scheler, MD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Lawrence Sobel, MD

Lawrence Sobel, MD

Assistant Professor