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Hamilton County Probate Court

Probate court PalumboOn this 12-month, part-time rotation, forensic psychiatry fellows serve as evaluators and expert witnesses concerning respondents facing potential civil commitment. Fellows serve as actual expert witnesses who provide information critical to legal determinations about involuntary hospitalization and forced medication.

As they provide independent evaluations and testimony for the local probate court, fellows improve their skills as expert witnesses and help attorneys learn more about psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

What Do UC Fellows Say About the Probate Court Rotation?

“Probate court has been a great starting point in getting experience testifying. The workload is just right, and the attorneys and magistrates treat the doctors fairly and with respect. There are a lot of severely ill patients and interesting cases.”

“Probate Court offered an excellent opportunity to practice and refine testimony.”

“Great testifying experience.”

“Probably my favorite experience during fellowship. I learned a lot about evaluating patients and loved the opportunity of testifying.”

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