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Eric Wohleb, Ph.D

Research Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D.: The Ohio State University
  • B.A.: Saint John's University
Contact Information
  • Reading Campus
  • 2120 East Galbraith Road
  • A-121
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
  • Office 513-558-6870
  • Fax 513-297-0966
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Horchar, Matthew J; Wohleb, Eric S 2019. Glucocorticoid receptor antagonism prevents microglia-mediated neuronal remodeling and behavioral despair following chronic unpredictable stress Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, ,

Wohleb, Eric S; Terwilliger, Rosemarie; Duman, Catharine H; Duman, Ronald S 2018. Stress-Induced Neuronal Colony Stimulating Factor 1 Provokes Microglia-Mediated Neuronal Remodeling and Depressive-like Behavior Biological Psychiatry, 83 1, 38-49

Wohleb, Eric S 2016. Neuron-Microglia Interactions in Mental Health Disorders: "For Better, and For Worse" Frontiers in Immunology, 7 , 544

Wohleb, Eric S; Franklin, Tina; Iwata, Masaaki; Duman, Ronald S 2016. Integrating neuroimmune systems in the neurobiology of depression Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 17 8, 497-511

Wohleb, Eric S; Wu, Min; Gerhard, Danielle M; Taylor, Seth R; Picciotto, Marina R; Alreja, Meenakshi; Duman, Ronald S 2016. GABA interneurons mediate the rapid antidepressant-like effects of scopolamine The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 126 7, 2482-94

Wohleb, Eric S; McKim, Daniel B; Shea, Daniel T; Powell, Nicole D; Tarr, Andrew J; Sheridan, John F; Godbout, Jonathan P 2014. Re-establishment of anxiety in stress-sensitized mice is caused by monocyte trafficking from the spleen to the brain Biological Psychiatry, 75 12, 970-81

Wohleb, Eric S; McKim, Daniel B; Sheridan, John F; Godbout, Jonathan P 2014. Monocyte trafficking to the brain with stress and inflammation: a novel axis of immune-to-brain communication that influences mood and behavior Frontiers in Neuroscience, 8 , 447

Wohleb, Eric S; Patterson, Jenna M; Sharma, Vikram; Quan, Ning; Godbout, Jonathan P; Sheridan, John F 2014. Knockdown of interleukin-1 receptor type-1 on endothelial cells attenuated stress-induced neuroinflammation and prevented anxiety-like behavior The Journal of Neuroscience, 34 7, 2583-91

Wohleb, Eric S; Powell, Nicole D; Godbout, Jonathan P; Sheridan, John F 2013. Stress-induced recruitment of bone marrow-derived monocytes to the brain promotes anxiety-like behavior The Journal of Neuroscience, 33 34, 13820-33

Wohleb, Eric S; Fenn, Ashley M; Pacenta, Ann M; Powell, Nicole D; Sheridan, John F; Godbout, Jonathan P 2012. Peripheral innate immune challenge exaggerated microglia activation, increased the number of inflammatory CNS macrophages, and prolonged social withdrawal in socially defeated mice Psychoneuroendocrinology, 37 9, 1491-505

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