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Eitaro Aihara, PHD

Research Instructor

Research Interests

GI mucosal-defense mechanisms: Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms of GI mucosal defense, including injury repair and regeneration of the epithelium. We utilize advanced two-photon microscopy to visualize repair progression (cell migration) and microenvironment changes, such as luminal pH, intracellular pH, and intracellular calcium both in vivo and in vitro in real time. We are also exploring the effect of Helicobacter pylori and/or specific clinical drugs, including NSAIDs, which have an adverse effect on gastric mucosa during gastric ulcer healing. It is well known that eradication of H. pylori cures gastric ulcers and inhibits recurrence of ulcers in ~80% of patients. Nevertheless, ~20% of patients have an ulcer recurrence, despite successful cure of the H. pylori infection and no reported use of NSAIDs. The question remains whether the site of ulcer healing is the site of ulcer recurrence and source of further diseases, including cancer. Currently, we are investigating molecular mechanisms of ulcer healing and capacity of mucosal defense in the ulcer regenerated epithelium.

  • Doctoral Degree: Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
  • Bachelor's Degree: Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
  • Master's Degree: Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
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Peer Reviewed Publications

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