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Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine

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Brian Moseley, MD

Assistant Professor

  • Medical Degree: Loma Linda University School of Medicine
  • Internship: Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education
  • Residency: Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education
  • Fellowship: University of California at Los Angeles
  • Fellowship: Univeristy of California at Los Angeles

Research/Clinical Interests

Neurology, Epilepsy

Board Certifications & Licenses
  • Ohio Medical License 2014
  • Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 2012
  • Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, 2013, Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Part I and Part II Epilepsy Monitoring Track American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology, 2013
  • Epilepsy Board Certification 2016
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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Moseley BD, Britton JW, So E 2014. Increased cerebral oxygenation precedes generalized tonic clonic seizures. Epilepsy Research, 108, 1671

Moseley, Brian D; Britton, Jeffrey W 2014. Peri-ictal QTc changes are not associated with hypoxemia. Epilepsy research, 108 5, 982-5

Moseley, Brian D; So, Elson; Wirrell, Elaine C; Nelson, Cindy; Lee, Ricky W; Mandrekar, Jay; Britton, Jeffrey W 2013. Characteristics of postictal generalized EEG suppression in children. Epilepsy research, 106 1-2, 123-7

Moseley, Brian D; Wirrell, Elaine C; Wong-Kisiel, Lily C; Nickels, Katherine 2013. Early onset epilepsy is associated with increased mortality: a population-based study. Epilepsy research, 105 3, 410-4

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Moseley, Brian D; Britton, Jeffrey W; Nelson, Cindy; Lee, Ricky W; So, Elson 2012. Periictal cerebral tissue hypoxemia: a potential marker of SUDEP risk. Epilepsia, 53 12, e208-11

Moseley, Brian D; Nickels, Katherine; Wirrell, Elaine C 2012. Surgical outcomes for intractable epilepsy in children with epileptic spasms. Journal of child neurology, 27 6, 713-20

Moseley, Brian D; Sinha, Shobhit; Meyer, Fredric B; Marsh, W Richard; Britton, Jeffrey W 2012. Long term outcomes in patients with preoperative generalized interictal epileptiform abnormalities following amygdalohippocampectomy. Epilepsy research, 99 1-2, 171-5

Moseley, Brian D; Smith, Jonathan H; Diaz-Medina, Gloria E; Paz Soldan, M Mateo; Wicklund, Meredith; Dhamija, Radhika; Reda, Haatem; Presti, Michael F; Britton, Jeffrey W 2012. Standardized sign-out improves completeness and perceived accuracy of inpatient neurology handoffs. Neurology, 79 10, 1060-4

Moseley, Brian D; Ghearing, Gena R; Benarroch, Eduardo E; Britton, Jeffrey W 2011. Early seizure termination in ictal asystole. Epilepsy research, 97 1-2, 220-4

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Moseley BD, Nickels K, Britton J, Wirrell E 2010. How common is ictal hypoxemia and bradycardia in children with partial complex and generalized convulsive seizures? Epilepsia, 51 7, 1219