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Department of Pharmacology & Systems Physiology

Master’s Program in Pharmacology

Connect with Industry Experts

The MS in Pharmacology curriculum provides the unique opportunity to interact with scientists currently working in the Pharmaceutical Industry specializing in Safety Pharmacology & Drug Toxicology. We value the expertise of our program contributors and their years of experience evaluating novel drugs for safety. 

Our MS students have the extraordinary opportunity to learn directly from these experts through special lectures and numerous field trips to regional industry.  These trips provide a behind the scenes look into the drug development process making difficult course topics come to life with tangible application. 


 sridhar-jaligama photo

Sridhar Jaligama, PhD, DABT

Study Director/Research Scientist
Inhalation Toxicology
Clinical and NonClinical Research





Mary Jeanne Kallman, PhD, DSP

CNS, Neurotoxicity and Behavior
Kallman Preclinical Consulting
Neuroscience Global Director 


Safety Pharmacology Group Leader

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 Lee Schmidt  

M. Lee Schmidt, PhD

Nonclinical Development Scientist




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Leon F. Stankowski Jr, PhD

Senior Scientific Director
Genetic and In Vitro Toxicology

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Nicole Tepe


Nicole Tepe, PhD, JD

Patent Attorney