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What can I do to help?

Whether this is your students first time attending a providers office on their own, or if they have already accomplished this task before arriving on campus there are a few things that you can do to assist.

Help support without compromise

Increased workloads, new expectations and new relationships. Those are just a few of the exciting challenges for your student during the arrival to campus. Most important, independence becomes a principal life skill during this time. As parents it is likely that you will want to support your student as needed without compromising their new found independence. When your student becomes ill, encourage your student to schedule their own appointment. Scheduling and attending the appointment on their own, serves as a building block towards self-sufficiency.  

Help to verify the insurance coverage

Check with your insurance company to verify coverage. Since UHS serves only students and employees of the University of Cincinnati you will not find UHS listed on any “how to find a provider” insurance web site. We will be listed as University of Cincinnati Physicians Company. If your insurance plan pays to University of Cincinnati Physicians Company then you can be seen using your insurance coverage at UHS.

If your insurance plan does not include University of Cincinnati Physicians Company then help your student determine their best options for care in the area. They can still be seen University Health Services but will be charged for their visit, labs, and x-ray fees. Knowing this information beforehand can help avoid unexpected bills.

Help provide accurate information for patient registration

All information collected on the UHS patient registration form is required in order to register your student at University Health Services. Download the form before your student arrives and help them with the information. Having this completed form in hand before your student arrives for their first visit will ensure that their registration will not be interrupted.   Make sure your student has their insurance card or copy (front and back) and discuss a financial strategy such as co-payments and payment options.

Help your student document important information that can help the provider determine their best care.  

Available for download is the personal pocket medication card. The information recorded on the pocket medication card may assist the health care provider during diagnosis. It may also serve as valuable information for emergency responders if placed directly behind their driver’s license or ID card in the event of a medical emergency.

UHS Student Registration Form (PDF)

Pocket medication card (PDF)

What if my student is under the age of 18?

Parent or guardian permission is needed for students under the age of 18. Download the Parental Permission for Treatment form and submit the completed form to University Health Services.

Minor consent for treatment (PDF)

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