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Cincinnati Children's

Cincinnati Circadian Conference

SEPTEMBER 1st 2023 | Kresge Auditorium, University of Cincinnati

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Dr. Tiffany Schmidt (Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA)

LOCATION Kresge Auditorium – Care/Crawley Building, University of Cincinnati

If you are interested in circadian rhythm or clock mechanisms in any aspects of your basic, translational, or clinical research, this is the event for you! The conference will feature keynote and invited speakers, poster sessions, food, and networking opportunities between established circadian researchers and circadian-curious researchers. The event will be in-person and the number of attendees will be capped at 100 to favor scientific interaction.

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Program – Cincinnati Circadian Conference – Sept 1st, 2023



7:30-8:30         breakfast and gathering


8:30-9              Invited talk - Thomas Dye, CCHMC/UC

“Circadian Health in Neurodevelopmental Disorders”


9-9:30              Invited talk - Shaon Sengupta, CHOP/U Penn

“Hearing the clocks talk: Circadian rhythms in the lung”


9:30-10:15       Keynote Lecture - Tiffany Schmidt, Northwestern University

“Illuminating visual circuits”


10:15-10:45    coffee break and networking


10:45-noon     Selected talks


                      Elliott Robinson – CCHMC/UC

                      “Ventral striatum dopamine release encodes unique properties of visual stimuli in mice”

                      Jasmine Saini – Mayo

                      “Impact of Abnormal Circadian Cortisol Secretion on Bone Metabolism in Patients with Mild Autonomous Cortisol Secretion”

                      Shane D'Souza – CCHMC/UC

                      “A transient ipRGC circuit shapes the developing vocal code in mice”

                      Ronja Frigard – UC

                      “Sleep is critical to pregnancy success in the Pacific beetle-mimic cockroach, Diploptera punctata”

                      Jaime Struve – CCHMC/UC

                      “Impact of Spectral Lighting on Human Physiology - A Review of Ongoing Clinical Studies”


noon – 1pm     lunch, networking, poster session I


1-1:30            Invited talk - Michele Wang – CCHMC/UC “Time-Restricted Nutrition in BMT Inpatients”


1:30-2            Invited talk - Diego Fernandez – CCHMC/UC “Integration of sensory and circadian signals within thalamic circuits that control innate behavior”


2-2:30              Invited talk - Bala Koritala – CCHMC “Circadian rhythms in animal models of obstructive sleep apnea”


2:30-3:45         Selected talks


                        Oluwaseun Ajayi – UC

                        “Sleep in mosquitoes is critical for vector competence”

                        Claire Chaikin – Northwestern University

                        “Circadian Clock Regulation of HIF1α-dependent Glucose Disposal during Diet-induced Obesity”

                        Neha R Santucci – CCHMC/UC

                        “Altered sleep spindles and sleep architecture in adolescents with functional abdominal pain disorders”

                        Shyh-Chi Chen – UC

                        “A novel humidity-associated circadian clock in Drosophila and mosquitoes”

                        Sevde Goker – UC

                        “Circadian Clock Regulates Intestinal Stem Cell Differentiation via Notch Signaling”


3:45 – 4:15      snacks, networking, poster session II


4:15-4:45        Interactive round table

Tiffany Schmidt – Northwestern University

John Hogenesch – CCHMC/UC

Richard Lang – CCHMC/UC

“The next big questions for the Circadian Biology field”


4:45                closing remarks and conference adjourned.



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*Limit of 100 attendees in Kresge Auditorium. RSVP for in person attendance required.
For information regarding the University's COVID requirements please visit UC Public Health


CARE/Crawley Building
3235 Eden Avenue
CIncinnati, OH 45267

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The CARE/Crawley Building opened in 2008, providing 240,000 square feet of new space on UC’s medical campus, including lab, research, teaching and library facilities. The medical bookstore and Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library span the space between the Medical Sciences Building and CARE/Crawley Building