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Photo of  Kathleen E. Singer, MD

Kathleen E. Singer, MD

Resident in General Surgery

  • Medical Degree: University of Massachusetts
  • Bachelor's Degree: University of Chicago
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Hoehn, Richard S; Seitz, Aaron P; Singer, Kathleen E; Thompson, Jonathan R; Watkins, Brad M 2019. Enhanced Recovery Protocol for Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: Are Narcotics Necessary? Journal of gastrointestinal surgery : official journal of the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, 23 8, 1541-1546

Singer, Kathleen E; Collins, Courtney E; Flahive, Julie M; Wyman, Allison S; Ayturk, M Didem; Santry, Heena P 2017. Outpatient beta-blockers and survival from sepsis: Results from a national cohort of Medicare beneficiaries. American journal of surgery, 214 4, 577-582

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Platzer, B; Baker, K; Vera, M P; Singer, K; Panduro, M; Lexmond, W S; Turner, D; Vargas, S O; Kinet, J-P; Maurer, D; Baron, R M; Blumberg, R S; Fiebiger, E 2015. Dendritic cell-bound IgE functions to restrain allergic inflammation at mucosal sites. Mucosal immunology, 8 3, 516-32

Jeong, Sung-Jin; Luo, Rong; Singer, Kathleen; Giera, Stefanie; Kreidberg, Jordan; Kiyozumi, Daiji; Shimono, Chisei; Sekiguchi, Kiyotoshi; Piao, Xianhua 2013. GPR56 functions together with ?3?1 integrin in regulating cerebral cortical development. PloS one, 8 7, e68781

Singer, Kathleen; Luo, Rong; Jeong, Sung-Jin; Piao, Xianhua 2013. GPR56 and the developing cerebral cortex: cells, matrix, and neuronal migration. Molecular neurobiology, 47 1, 186-96