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Photo of Victoria S. McKenna

Victoria S. McKenna

Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D. : Boston University, (Speech, Language, & Hearing Science)
  • M.S.: University of New Hampshire, (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
  • B.S., B.A. : Syracuse University, (Communication Sciences and Disorders; Psychology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Compensations & interactions between the respiratory & laryngeal systems

Use of technology to improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency

Community and patient educational initiatives

Peer Reviewed Publications

Leon, M., Washington, K., McKenna, V.S., Crowe, K., & Fritz, K. 2022. Linguistically-informed acoustic and perceptual analysis of bilingual children’s speech productions: An exploratory study in the Jamaican context Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, in press. ,

McKenna, V.S., Vojtech, J.M., Previtera, M., Kendall, C.L., & Carraro, K.E. 2022. A systematic scoping review of relative fundamental frequency in individuals with and without voice disorders Applied Sciences, 12 16, 1-18.

Reid, K., McKenna, V.S., & Smith, D. 2022. Mitigating dysphonia, pain, and vocal handicap after violent videogame voice overs: A pilot investigation into Vocal Combat Technique Training Journal of Voice, in press. ,

McKenna, V.S., Gustin, R.L., Howell, R.J., Patel, T.H., Emery, M.B., Kendall, C.L., & Kelliher, N.J. 2021. Developing educational health modules to improve vocal wellness in mask-wearing occupational voice users Journal of Voice, in press. ,

McKenna, V.S., Kendall, C.L., Patel, T.H., Howell, R.J., & Gustin, R.L. 2021. Impact of face masks on speech acoustics and vocal effort in healthcare professionals The Laryngoscope, , 1-7.

McKenna, V.S., Patel, T.H., Kendall, C.L., Howell, R.J., & Gustin, R.L. 2021. Voice acoustics and vocal effort in mask-wearing healthcare professionals: A comparison pre- and post-workday Journal of Voice, ,

Vojtech, J.M., Cilento, D.D., Luong, A.T., Noordzij Jr., J.P., Diaz-Cadiz, M., Groll, M.D., Buckley, D.P., McKenna, V.S., Noordzij, J.P., & Stepp, C.E. 2021. Acoustic identification of the voicing boundary during intervocalic offsets and onsets based on vocal fold vibratory measures Applied Sciences, 11, , 1-24.

Cler G.J., McKenna V.S., Dahl, K.L., & Stepp C.E. 2020. Longitudinal case study of transgender voice changes under testosterone hormone therapy Journal of Voice, 34 5, 748-762.

Groll, M.D., McKenna, V.S., Hablani, S., & Stepp, C.E. 2020. Formant-estimated vocal tract length and extrinsic laryngeal muscle activation during modulation of vocal effort in healthy speakers Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, , 1-9

McKenna, V.S., Hylkema, J.A., Tardif, M.C., & Stepp, C.E. 2020. Voice onset time in individuals with hyperfunctional voice disorders: Evidence for disordered vocal motor control Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63, , 405-420

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McKenna, V.S., & Huber, J.E. 2019. The accuracy of respiratory calibration methods for estimating lung volume during speech breathing: A comparison of four methods across three adult cohorts Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 62, , 2632-2644.

McKenna, V.S., Diaz-Cadiz, M.E., Shembel, A.C., Enos, N.M., & Stepp, C.E. 2019. The relationship between physiological mechanisms and the self-perception of vocal effort Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 62 4, 815-834

McKenna, V.S., & Stepp, C.E. 2018. The relationship between acoustical and perceptual measures of vocal effort The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 144 3, 1643-1658

Fujiki, R., Chapleau, A., Sundarrajan, A., McKenna, V., and Sivasankar, P. 2017. The interaction of surface hydration and vocal loading on voice measures Journal of Voice, 31 2, 211-217

McKenna, V., Zhang, B., Haines, M., & Kelchner, L. 2017. A systematic review of isometric lingual strength training programs in adult populations with and without dysphagia American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 26 , 524-539

McKenna, V.S., Llico, A.F., Mehta, D.D., Perkell, J.S., & Stepp, C.E. 2017. Magnitude of neck-surface vibration as an estimate of subglottal pressure during modulations of vocal effort and intensity in healthy speakers Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 60 12, 3404-3416

McKenna, V.S., Heller Murray, E.S., Lien, Y.S., & Stepp, C.E. 2016. The relationship between relative fundamental frequency and a kinematic estimate of laryngeal stiffness in healthy adults Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 59 6, 1283-1294