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Photo of  Ricky Y.K. Leung, PhD

Ricky Y.K. Leung, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Health, UC College of Medicine

  • PhD: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Biochemistry, Molecular Toxicology)
  • MPhil: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Biochemistry, Biochemical Toxicology)
  • BSc: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Biochemistry)
Contact Information
  • UC Institute Member Seal
Research Interests

Dr. Leung’s research has focused upon estrogen signaling in hormone-related cancers. Estrogen receptors in breast cancer are relatively well-studied but their roles in prostate cancer remains controversial. Dr. Leung has discovered several estrogen receptor isoforms and helped clarify the functions of the receptors during prostate carcinogenesis. His recent findings revealed their potential prognostic values in prostate cancer. 

Dr. Leung is also interested in studying how post-t...

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Panchanathan, Ravichandran; Liu, Hongzhu; Leung, Yuet-Kin; Ho, Shuk-Mei; Choubey, Divaker 2015. Bisphenol A (BPA) stimulates the interferon signaling and activates the inflammasome activity in myeloid cells. Molecular and cellular endocrinology, 415 , 45-55

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