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Photo of Tiffany B. Duong

Tiffany B. Duong

Graduate Student- Waxman Lab

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Duong, Tiffany B; Holowiecki, Andrew; Waxman, Joshua S 2021. Retinoic acid signaling restricts the size of the first heart field within the anterior lateral plate mesoderm. Developmental biology, 473 , 119-129

Duong, Tiffany B; Waxman, Joshua S 2021. Patterning of vertebrate cardiac progenitor fields by retinoic acid signaling. Genesis (New York, N.Y. : 2000), 59 11, e23458

Dohn, Tracy E; Ravisankar, Padmapriyadarshini; Tirera, Fouley T; Martin, Kendall E; Gafranek, Jacob T; Duong, Tiffany B; VanDyke, Terri L; Touvron, Melissa; Barske, Lindsey A; Crump, J Gage; Waxman, Joshua S 2019. Nr2f-dependent allocation of ventricular cardiomyocyte and pharyngeal muscle progenitors. PLoS genetics, 15 2, e1007962

Duong, Tiffany B; Ravisankar, Padmapriyadarshini; Song, Yuntao Charlie; Gafranek, Jacob T; Rydeen, Ariel B; Dohn, Tracy E; Barske, Lindsey A; Crump, J Gage; Waxman, Joshua S 2018. Nr2f1a balances atrial chamber and atrioventricular canal size via BMP signaling-independent and -dependent mechanisms. Developmental biology, 434 1, 7-14