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Photo of  James J. Driscoll, MD, PhD

James J. Driscoll, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

  • Fellowship: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Oncology)
  • Residency: Roger Williams Medical Center
  • Medical Degree: St. Mary's School of Medicine
  • Research Fellow: Boston University Medical Center
  • Research Fellow: Harvard Medical School
  • Doctoral Degree: State University of New York at Buffalo (Biochemistry)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Proteasome-based therapies, plasma cell hematologic malignancy, Multiple Myeloma, Hematology Oncology

Peer Reviewed Publications

Ahmad, N; Haider, S; Jagannathan, S; Anaissie, E; Driscoll, J J 2014. MicroRNA theragnostics for the clinical management of multiple myeloma. Leukemia, 28 4, 732-8

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Kim, Kui-Jin; Godarova, Alzbeta; Seedle, Kari; Kim, Min-Ho; Ince, Tan A; Wells, Susanne I; Driscoll, James J; Godar, Samuel 2013. Rb Suppresses Collective Invasion, Circulation and Metastasis of Breast Cancer Cells in CD44-Dependent Manner. PloS one, 8 12, e80590

Potluri, Veena; Noothi, Sunil K; Vallabhapurapu, Subrahmanya D; Yoon, Sang-Oh; Driscoll, James J; Lawrie, Charles H; Vallabhapurapu, Sivakumar 2013. Transcriptional repression of Bim by a novel YY1-RelA complex is essential for the survival and growth of Multiple Myeloma. PloS one, 8 7, e66121

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