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Residency Tracks

In response to our residents requests for more personalized educational experiences during residency and mentorship that are tailored to their future careers, in 2017 we launched two new residency track experiences. These track experiences are optional and residents elect to participate towards the end of their 2nd year when they have some clinical experience under their belts. When residents elect to be a part of the track they are still required to meet all of the ACGME program requirements for training in Med-Peds. The benefit of being part of one of the tracks is that they are able to tailor some of their training experiences and mentorship around their future careers. Both tracks also offer specialized, quarterly educational dinners that all residents (whether part of the track or not!) are able to attend. Some examples of past quarterly dinners include how to find a job as a hospitalist, wound care for the primary care physician, basics of bedside ultrasound, basics of palliative care in the inpatient setting, and joint injections in the outpatient setting. 

Acute Care Track

Recent surveys have shown that roughly one quarter of Med-Peds residency graduates are pursuing careers in Hospital Medicine or acute care related subspecialties (e.g critical care, infectious disease, cardiology, etc.). Cincinnati’s Med-Peds residency program had a strong tradition of training graduates to succeed in careers related to primary care, in addition to hospital medicine and other subspecialties. However, the skills that a physician must have to adequately meet the needs of hospitalized patients and serve the health care system are changing. The goal of the Acute Care Track is to meet the evolving needs of those who wish to pursue careers caring for hospitalized patients.

Goals of the track include:

  • Clinical – Provide clinical experiences that simulate practice in university-based or community hospitals, that are not otherwise offered during residency, including:
    • Direct patient care experiences in various settings (including in community hospitals)
    • Surgical consultation and co-management for adult and pediatric patients
    • Procedures for hospitalized patients
    • Telephone/triage medicine
  • Systems-based practice and quality improvement – Provide exposure to processes and initiatives that hospital-based physicians must lead or participate in as part of their positions
  • Quality improvement – Provide residents with an opportunity to participate in hospital-based quality improvement initiatives
  • Scholarship – Provide residents with opportunities to complete their scholarly requirements for residency on hospital-based projects. Here's an example of a scholarly project from two of our first graduates of the track!
  • Mentorship – Regular meetings with acute care physicians (hospitalists) to provide career guidance and planning, with a focus on the individual needs of the residents for track experience planning.


Primary Care Track

We are thrilled to offer a primary care track as part of our Med-Peds resident experience. It is not limited to those who are certain they are interested in primary care, so all are welcome to participate! We have 7 clinic based faculty involved in the track, as well as access to our numerous area wide Med-Peds trained physicians in the community.

The clinical experiences augment our already robust continuity clinic and ambulatory training experiences. A sample of the amazing primary care based workshops we have offered our residents include joint exams and injections, dermatologic procedures, and outpatient billing. In addition, there are group visits that the residents participate in, obesity clinic opportunities, experiences in transition medicine, and tailored ambulatory electives. We also allow track residents to choose one of our many varied ambulatory sites in the greater Cincinnati area for a second continuity clinic during their fourth year.

For their educational projects, the residents are invited to work on curriculum for all of these experiences, as well as common needs like telephone medicine, precepting medical students in clinic and any other educational subjects in which they have an interest.

Residents interesting in promoting their QI experience can choose a leadership role in our already established clinic QI efforts. We are also participating in population based care management for our most complex patients and the residents can take an active role in that project. There are teams working on EMR optimization and track residents can also opt to become more involved in that process. If a resident has an important area of focus, he or she is also welcome to design unique projects.


More Information

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