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SarahEhrman Sarah Ehrman: Sarah is our home-town resident with strong Cincinnati ties. She is a graduate in the top decile, AOA, from the University of Cincinnati. Her undergraduate degree is from Miami University, and is a BA in Zoology, English and Creative Writing and Classical Humanities, summa cum laude! Sarah has done a number of years of research in neurosciences with Dr Campbell at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, most recently in autism. She has a poster and publication submission resulting from this work. She has also been an active volunteer in medical school including leadership roles with the American Medical Women’s Association. Sarah's interests include reading, writing, landscaping, and roller coasters. Her career interests are still open, and she is diverse in her interests! Sarah's determination to excel inspires everyone around her and we are blessed that she stayed in Cincinnati for training!
MerrandaHolmes Merranda Holmes: Merranda came to us from Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University, where she was the recipient of many honors, including Junior AOA, several merit scholarships, and the opportunity to serve on her medical school admissions committee for two years. She has been active in her community throughout her medical school career, including working with the underserved in multiple rural health fairs, organizing public health initiatives for children in East TN, and helping charter and grow her small, inner city church. During medical school, she also worked in La Grecia, Nicaragua as part of a medical team. Merranda received her undergraduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where she received a B.S. in Biology, summa cum laude. Merranda conducted research for three summers in bioweapons detection, which she published and presented at two national conferences, including Posters on the Hill, in D.C. Her interests include playing flute, hiking, ballet, antique shopping, live music, and being actively involved in her church and community. She speaks some Spanish and hopes to learn more. Merranda's current career interests include heme-onc and critical care with an international focus, but she is open to wherever her experiences lead her. We think she can accomplish absolutely anything, and so does pretty much everyone who has ever worked with her! It is an honor to be able to work with Merranda!
Why I chose Cincinnati: Having spent my entire life in Tennessee, I had originally planned on staying where my roots, and my family reside. In learning more about the incredible opportunities at UC/Cincinnati Children's program from my mentors who trained here, I began to open up to the possibility of moving “up north, where it snows all of the time”, as my family and friends so cautiously warned. I also learned that my medical school had a new partnership with Cincinnati Children's, in order to make specialty services more accessible to children in our rural region. I really liked the idea of this movement of outreach. Nevertheless, I still had things holding me back until interview day—my first visit to Cincinnati. I was immediately impacted. The residents were some of the happiest, most enthusiastic, and sincere I met on the trail. In looking at their bios online (they weren't the type to boast), I realized they were also some of the most intelligent and forward thinking residents I had encountered. In our conversations, I learned that some are actively pursuing possibilities I have envisioned for my future- med/peds fellowships, transitional medicine, and global health. Cincinnati was also the only place I interviewed that offered combined subspecialty elective rotations and a very well-structured educational plan, and those were a big pull for me. In looking at my options, I wanted to train somewhere that rigorously challenged me to provide the best care for my patients, while having the support of a tight-knit group of residents and faculty… and that combination was Cincinnati. There are so many other reasons why Cincinnati is going to be a great fit for me—including location. No worries, I have now convinced my family and friends that Cincinnati isn't a remote area with a polar climate, and they are just as excited as I am for what is to come during my training.
MichealJerkins Michael Jerkins:Michael is a graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine where he was the recipient of a merit scholarship and was a favorite of many attendings. He has been very active as a volunteer throughout his life, and medical school was no exception. His undergraduate degree is from Harding University, and is a BBA Economics cum laude with minors in Chemistry and Political Science. He later also earned a Master's in Education from Arizona State University. During medical school, Michael did research into the effects of the Affordable Care Act on physician workforce trends and presented his results nationally as well as 2 manuscripts that are under review. Between his undergraduate and medical school enrollment, Michael spent 2 years working for Teach for America in Phoenix AZ as a middle school science teacher. This experience was in part the motivation behind his Master's in Education degree. Michael has also had the opportunity to travel to Belize 3 times and one trip to Guatemala with a medical mission and dental team. He has also worked in Washington DC as Senate Intern for Lamar Alexander while studying economics at Georgetown. Michael's interests include reading, college athletics, education and health care policy. His career interests are in medical care for the underserved that incorporates a public health mission to address the needs of disadvantaged communities. His altruism is an inspiration, and helps remind us of our purpose! "Why I Chose Cincinnati to Train: Cincinnati was my favorite program that I was fortunate to have interviewed. Their reputation as a strong clinical training experience was my initial reason for applying and was clear from the start of my interview day. The other factor that I most strongly considered in choosing a program was the group of people I was to be training with. I wanted a group of people to be great to work with as well as a group that would challenge me to be my absolute best. And after my interview it was obvious to me that UC gave me the best combination of training and people that I saw on the interview trail."
BrianMay Brian May: Brian came to us from the University Of Alabama School Of Medicine where he was elected by his peers to the Arnold P Gold Humanism Society as well as being a recipient of the Dean’s Medical Scholarship Award. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and is a BS in Chemistry and honor society designation of Phi Beta Kappa. He also obtained a Master's in Education at Arizona State while working there for Teach for America for 2 years between undergrad and medical school teaching middle school student's science in Phoenix AZ. Another passion for him is the "Living Wage campaign" and he was a regional organizer for this group during his undergraduate years. Brian did research on the creation of a video library to prepare students for NBME called "Think Alouds". As Arnold P Gold Foundation Summer Fellow he designed and implemented a medical student led diabetes education program for the underserved. He subsequently presented a poster on this work both locally and nationally. Brain is also active in his church. His interests include climbing, furniture making, gardening and church. His career interests are undecided but his heart is in underserved care and education since these are his passions. His insights and thoughtfulness make him an invaluable colleague and healer and we are thrilled to have him train with us in Cincinnati!"Why I chose Cincinnati? I was inspired by the incredible amount of fun had by everyone in the program, the focus on patient centered care, and of course, Eric Warm!"
MatthewNewcomb Matthew Newcomb: Matthew came to us from Ohio State University where he was also recognized with the Roessler Scholarship for Medical Student Research and was an active volunteer in many settings including the student run Free Clinic in Columbus. His undergraduate degree is from Duke University and is a BS in Biochemistry. For 3 years during medical school, Matthew was involved in research in oncology. His project was a clinical trial evaluating chemotherapy and radiation based treatment for squamous cell head and neck cancers. Matthew also worked in Biomedical Imaging Center at Wright State for a year in multimodal prostate imaging for prostate cancer screening which involved developing a parametric based image scoring system. Matthew was involved in 3 other research projects as an undergraduate student as well. He has 8 posters and 2 publications to his credit for these varied activities. Matthew's hobbies and interests are in travel, hiking, photography, ladder golf, open source programming and pie. He speaks some German and Spanish. Matthew's career interests remain broad but include hematology-oncology and transition medicine. Matthew is blessed with strong analytical skills as well as a passion to serve, and these provide him the drive to accomplish anything he sets his mind to!
EdwinPalmer Edwin (Ned) Palmer:Edwin came to us from Ross University, where he excelled. His undergraduate degree was from McGill University and was a BS in Bio-organic Chemistry and Political Science. Following undergrad, Ned worked as a research coordinator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the emergency room setting. He coordinated studies on sepsis, cellulitis, asthma and chest pain. He simultaneously worked at a research and development engineer for Nano-C. Ned’s outside interests include rock climbing, mountaineering, flying, scuba diving and skydiving. We are hoping he can adopt some safer sports as well! He speaks some French, German and Spanish. To fulfill some his interests he worked on a sailboat crossing the Atlantic and then in the Middle East prior to starting residency. His career Interests are in international medicine and he has already worked in numerous international sites in preparation for this career (besides the sailing as noted above!). Ned’s reputation for excellence and generosity is well deserved! He is known as someone who immediately digs in and never hesitates even when faced with the hardest work!
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