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Susan Abbott: Susan received her BS with Distinction in Medical Dietetics from the Ohio State University. She stayed at Ohio State University for her medical school training. In 2002, Susan joined the house staff at the Brody School of Medicine where she completed her med-peds residency and worked in their clinic following her exceptional career as a resident. She currently works in primary care for Group Health Associates. Her affiliations are with Bethesda North, Cincinnati Children's, Mercy Anderson and Good Samaritan Hospitals. She is dually board certified. Her interests include friends and family and cooking. We were very fortunate to have Susan join our precepting staff as she has been a wonderful role model and educator!

Christine Burrows: Christine came to Cincinnati after completing her Medical School training with honors from the University of Virginia. Her honors included Dean's Geographic Medicine Scholarship which provided funding travel to Africa for research in Leishmania major, which together with her undergraduate work, resulted in two publications. She had a four year full merit scholarship to Duke University for her BS in Biology, and graduated magna cum laude. During medical school Christine researched patient's knowledge of breast and cervical cancer. Christine has entered academic Med-Peds and has served as the Medical Director for the Combined Med-Peds practice here at University Hospital. She has been instrumental in the role-out of the electronic medical record as well as quality improvement initiatives. She remains a key clinical faculty for our residency, providing teaching, mentoring and support for all. Her kindness and dedication for the underserved is unexcelled.

Tiffiny Diers: Tiffiny was AOA with Honors from Duke University School of Medicine, where she received a merit scholarship and was the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship recipient. She performed research with publications on underutilization of carotid endarterectomy in minority patients. Her undergraduate degree in Public Policy Studies and Biology is from Duke University, magna cum laude, where she was the recipient of multiple academic awards. During her undergraduate years she worked as a clinical research assistant in rheumatology and postoperative complications. She received the Adolescent Outstanding Resident award at graduation from residency. Subsequent to completing her Med-Peds residency, she served the Department of Internal Medicine as Chief Medical Resident. Her research and clinical interests are in vulnerable populations including geriatric medicine, latino health, womens health and sickle cell.She is also a Geriatric Faculty Scholar. Other advocacy work she is doing includes the Initiative on Poverty, Justice and Health, an innovative multidisciplinary team who provide education and training experiences for a multitude of learners, including the lucky med-peds residents! She is also a founding member of the Latino Health Collaborative. Her leadership in institituing the Chronic Care Model into the med-peds practice has also been instrumental in its success. Saying that we all benefit from her leadership and dedication is a vast understatement of the richness of contributions that Tiffiny makes to our med-peds community. Tiffiny has brought her considerable skills to the Internal Medicine residency leading to innovations and the highest quality of training experience. She is key clinical faculty for our med-peds residency.

Maggie Duck Robertshaw: Maggie is from our home medical school here at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, where she impressed us with her energy and dedication to service. Maggie was also recognized with a 4 year merit scholarship during medical school. She attended Ohio State University for her undergraduate degree of a BS Microbiology, magna cum laude. Originally from Toledo, Maggie is an Ohioan. As a student, Maggie did research in the ethnic differences in insulin sensitivity and incidence of type I diabetes, data from which she presented in 1 paper published in Journal of Pediatrics, and 3 posters at the prestigious national and regional Pediatric Academic Societies meetings. She also has a strong interest in International and was fortunate to go to the Dominican Republic on a medical trip. Her career interests are in primary care. We love Maggie's sweet and sunny personality when she lights up a room! Maggie stayed on an extra year after completion of her residency as an Internal Medicine Chief Resident. She is now opening a new med-peds practice in town within the Primary Care Network of University of Cincinnati. We are thrilled to have her continue to precept in med-peds clinic as well!

Craig Gurney: Craig graduated from the University of Iowa School of Medicine with AOA distinction. He was the sole recipient of an award from the Medical School for his commitment to service and humanitarianism, as well as receiving the Gold Humanism award. Craig's undergraduate degree is a BS in Biochemistry from Brigham Young University summa cum laude, and his home state is Utah. As a medical student, Craig helped, via his position as a fellow in aging, to create a curriculum on geriatric medicine for medical students and other learners. He also participated in research on the ability of Cox-2 inhibitors to decrease production of new vessel growth in tumors, and presented a poster on this research. Before medical school, Craig spent 2 years in Japan doing missionary work. He speaks Japanese, Spanish and German! His future plans remain undecided. One of Craig's attendings in medical school wrote of him: Interacting with Craig was one of those exceptional experiences: to work with an amazing student early in his career, constituting one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as an attending. We agree! Craig is recognized for his ability to see the positive in any situation, and he inspires all of us to be as exceptionally kind and smart as he is! Craig is currently precepting in out Med-Peds clinic and has started a new med-peds office site in Cincinnati with his classmate Maggie Duck!

Matt Hardin: Matt was AOA and valedictorian from Wright State University School of Medicine. He received awards for basic science course work, the Lange and McGraw-Hill awards, and had an Academic Merit Scholarship. He also served on many committees and was class president during his medical school career. His BA in economics is from Washington University. His research experience spanned two summer fellowships in diabetic physiology. Following residency, Matt was Pediatric Chief Resident at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Subsequent to that, he entered academic Med-Peds, and now is serving as preceptor in the Med-Peds Clinic. His clinical interests are in sports medicine and primary care. In 2004, he and Robert Wolterman, class of 2002, have opened a practice with the University of Cincinnati Physicians group north of Cincinnati called UC Pointe. Matt's research and teaching interests are in evidence based medicine and residency and student education. Matt's ongoing involvement with our residency has been invaluable, since he brings many perspectives to his teaching and as a role model.

Kathryn Jadeed: Katie is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She was the recipient of the Sherman and Frances Butler Scholarship. She graduated from the University of Dayton with a BS in Biochemistry and Biology, and worked in a medicinal chemistry lab to develop and test the properties of an organic compound. She wrote a thesis entitled "An analysis of DNA interactions with acridine-linked penicillins and acridine-linked cephalosporins." This was presented at a symposium at the University of Dayton. Katie is energetic and dedicated, and known for the finest patient care. Following graduation, Katie joined our med-peds clinician educator group and sees patients and precepts in the Med-Peds clinic. She ran the ambulatory training component of the medical student third year clerkship in Internal Medicine for some years. She has joined a private practice in Cincinnati and continues to be one of our exceptional preceptors in med-peds clinic. We have all benefited from her dedication and effectiveness!

Natalie Jacobs: Natalie is AOA from our home Medical School, the University of Cincinnati. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Dayton where she received a BS Pre-Med summa cum laude. Natalie's hometown is Dayton, OH. She has worked as a nursing assistant. She also participated in an NIH summer research program as a student. Her hobbies incude running and cooking. Natalie is always a few steps ahead of the rest of us, yet she always patiently helps bring us along! Natalie is serving and Internal Medicine Chief and will then enter primary care in Cincinnati.

Kyle Kaufman: Kyle is from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and his hometown is in Lima, OH. He attended Miami University for his undergraduate degree, a BA in Microbiology, cum laude. He participated in research at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research on fMRI in patients with bipolar disorder. He also worked on a project of virulence factors in Burkholderia cepacia before medical school. Kyle is a calming influence for all, since he never ever ever loses his cool! Since graduation, Kyle has been working with 2 of our other teaching graduates north of Cincinnati. He comes to precept in med-peds clinic and we are most grateful for his expertise and contributions!

Benjamin Kinnear: Ben is AOA (and AOA president) from the University Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. He was class vice president, and received the Hickerson Rhoads Scholarship for 2 years. His undergraduate degree is a BA in Chemistry from St Louis University, summa cum laude. His hometown is also St Louis. He did bench research with aptamers (ssDNA) as cancer markers for year between medical school and undergraduate studies. Ben is proficient Spanish. During residency, Ben served as President of the National Med-Peds Residents Associate and accomplished quite a bit during his tenure! His hobbies include music, sports, international cuisine, theology, partner dancing. Ben is brilliant and makes us perform at the top of our game!!!! Ben has graciously taken on the Med-Peds chief year and will then be working in Graduate Medical Education.

Caroline Mueller: Caroline was AOA from University of Cincinnati, with academic awards as well as one from the Department of Pediatrics for outstanding senior entering pediatrics, and from the Ohio State American College of Physicians award for Internal Medicine achievement in medical school, and resident teaching award in Internal Medicine. She graduated with Honors from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in engineering. Following residency, she had the responsibility of opening the Med Peds clinic, with the assistance of Joseph Barrocas, Phuong Le, and the residents who were training at the time. She was Medical Director of the office for 4 years over an 8 year period. Caroline served as director of the combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency since graduation from residency and as Secretary Treasurer for the Med Peds Program Directors Association for 4 years. Her research interests in residency education led her to complete a Master's of Medical Education program offered through Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati. She is Professor of Medicine, and has provided inpatient attending for many years for Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the Department of Internal Medicine, as well as precepting in the Med Peds clinic.

Jennifer O'Toole: Jennifer is AOA from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine, where she graduated with a Dean's Commendation. She graduated from Xavier University with a BS in Biology, during which time she also served as a resident assistant for 2 years. Xavier University with a BS in Biology, during which time she also served as a resident assistant for 2 years. Jennifer worked as a research assistant in the development of antibiotic resistance in Staph aureus. She received multiple merit scholarships during her undergraduate career. Her husband is a resident in Internal Medicine, and her interests include photography, scrap books, bicycling, and WWII history. Jennifer's hometown is Buffalo, NY. Jennifer is energetic and enthusiastic in all that she does! As recognition for this, Jen was asked to serve as Internal Medicine Chief Resident for the academic year 2007-2008, where she was amazing in every capacity. Because of her excellence, we actively recruited her for the position of Associate Program Director for our med-peds residency. Her participation has led to improved educational experiences for all residents, as well as innovative safety and quality work. She is the site Principle Investigator in the IPass handoffs multicenter HRSA funded research project. She has been travelling around the country presenting this ground breaking work for other programs. We are indeed blessed to have such an energetic and capable person at our sides!

Anjali Pearce: Anjali earned her undergraduate degree, a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, at Case Western Reserve University. She also received her medical degree there. Anjali then entered the med-peds training program at MetroHealth through Case Western Reserve and was exceptional, leading to her being chosen to be their fifth year med-peds chief resident. This position was also fulfilled in an exemplary fashion, with many opportunities for Anjali to demonstrate her leadership by example. Her clinical interests include breast feeding promotion and smoking cessation interventions. We were extremely fortunate to recuit Anjali to come and work in our academic med-peds resident-faculty clinic and provide her expertise in education to the residency!

Darcey Thornton: Darcey came to us from the University Cincinnati College of Medicine. Her hometown is Dayton, OH. Her professional accomplishments: Darcey worked as a research assistant in a lab measuring amino acid content in serum samples using HPLC. She also worked in at the Urban Health Project caring for an underserved population. She also served on the Health Committee for the NAACP Cincinnati Chapter. As an undergrad at Tennessee State University she was Presidential Scholar, and in the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Golden Key National Honor Society, the second place winner in the University Research Symposium, and the Vernon Winfrey Scholarship recipient. Her plans following graduation are to enter adolescent medicine fellowship in Houston Texas at Baylor, where they stole her away from us! Darcey is dedicated and hard working, providing the very best care for her patients. Following graduation, Darcey completed an adolescent medicine fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine. She has now moved back to practice adolescent medicine for adolescents and adults with multiple chronic conditions in the inpatient and outpatient settings at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We are most fortunate that she is able to precept in the Med-Peds clinic!

Jonathan Tolentino: Jonathan completed medical school at the Medical College Georgia. During the summer of 2003 Jonathan worked at the American Medical Student Association national office on the project for the uninsured, where he helped create a website for health professionals on the single payer health care system. He also did research on the affects of attendance at diabetes summer camp on glycemic control and attitude of campers. At Wake Forrest he worked on a project assessing estrogen replacement therapy and cardiovascular risk factors. His involvement in medical school and the community has also been impressive. He also helped organize a medical Spanish class for other medical students, and is fluent in Spanish as well. Jonathan's undergraduate degree is from Davidson College, a BA Political Science. Jonathan's hometown is Charlotte NC. His future plans are undecided, but include health policy research. As a resident JT has been unfailingly energetic, and launched a number of advocacy projects as well as provided key emotional support of all. We were blessed to have had this class of residents training with us, and JT is a perfect example of this. In recognition of his leadership and dedication to health advocacy, he was asked to serve as the med-peds chief resident, which he graciously accepted. He subsequently was asked to stay on as faculty. His Associate Program Directors role includes spearheading the Quality Improvement training for the residents with workshops and clinic based projects in our Patient Centered Medical Home Level III clinic and running the vulnerable populations pathway, open to all residents.

Robert Wolterman: Bob was AOA with Honors from Wright State University School of Medicine, where he received five academic awards and one merit scholarship. He earned his BS in Chemical Engineering with numerous awards, honor societies, and merit scholarships from Ohio State University. He was employed at Shell Chemical in engineering technical support for a few years before deciding to enter medical school. During medical school he also worked for the Southern Ohio Health Service Corps. He received the resident Presenter's Award from the Department of Internal Medicine for his Chairman's Presentation. Bob is now Clinical Instructor, Precepting in the Med Peds clinic. His clinical interests are in Med Peds primary care and rheumatologic diseases. He practices in the Greater Cincinnati region, and welcomes residents to work with him.

Sharice Wood: Sharice and her husband came to us from North Carolina. Sharice's medical degree is from University of North Carolina School of Medicine where she earned both her MD and MPH degrees. Her MPH is in Health Care and Prevention. It included research in successful collaboration in the medical safety net in communities in North Carolina communities. She also worked in the Office of Educational Development at UNC for 4 months to coordinate two summer programs for high school and college students. Sharice was the recipient of a prestigious merit scholarship for her medical school. Her volunteerism included a literature project and health education in a woman's prison, as well as many leadership positions as a medical student, and a faith based health outreach program. Her undergraduate degree was cum laude, with a BS in Health and Exercise Science from Wake Forest University. She also spent a semester during undergrad in Japan studying language and literature. Following undergrad she worked in the private business for 4 years. She is known for her calm and inner strength-that she is always ready to lend a hand and is always ready to do more than her fair share without ever seeking recognition. Her strong sense of duty inspires us! Sharice graciously stayed on as Internal Medicine Chief, working with the long block residents and medicine clinic. Her quiet competence and caring make her a favorite of colleagues, patients and attendings! We asked her accept a faculty position and were thrilled that she did so. Her educational role is precepting in med-peds clinic. She also practices in the Hoxworth Center seeing children and adults.


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