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What do we have? There are many resident conferences daily in both internal medicine and pediatrics. This includes morning report, grand rounds, chairman's presentations weekly, M and M conferences monthly, and med-peds conferences twice weekly!

Our big med-peds conference occurs at noon on Tuesday and it includes lunch. It is usually the residents and faculty, for the residents. Faculty and residents are able to interact regularly in this active learning environment!

We also have a weekly ambulatory medical education series. This consists of a primary care article to be reviewed before clinic starts each afternoon. You get to clinic 10 minutes early and we discuss questions which have been circulated a week earlier. If you keep up it means that you will have read 52 primary care related articles per year and over 200 articles in four years! It balances the volume of articles you receive on the wards with practical articles on common primary care subjects.

Is there conference time and money and book money? Yes, and residents may also use this for board review courses, if they want. Internal medicine and pediatrics give excellent board review courses every year, and there is also software available for self testing and preparation.

What about In-service (in-training) exams? These are given yearly in both internal medicine and pediatrics, and are for your edification only.


Board Results

We have had a board "taking rate" of both boards of 96 percent. Most grads are taking both boards the first year out, but this is not required. Our overall first time taker pass rate is for both boards is about 96 percent. Our final dual board certification rate is above 98 percent.


More Information

For more information on the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, please contact us at:

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
UC Department of Internal Medicine
231 Albert Sabin Way
Mail Location 0535
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0535

Phone: 513-584-0397
Fax: 513-584-0369

Program Director:
Jennifer K. O’Toole, MD, MEd
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics