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Have you ever sat in a lecture or presentation and then a week later couldn’t remember what was presented?

If so, you are not alone. Research shows that about 80% of what you learn during a given presentation is gone by 1 week, and nearly 100% is gone in 1 year unless you do something with the information.

The forgetting curve is not kind, but there are strategies to combat it.

We recently became the first residency program in the country to adopt the Osmosis learning platform to help you retain information over time. Long term learning requires testing, spacing and interleaving. You need to recall information in different ways over time for it to stick with you.

In Osmosis, all learning materials are uploaded and scanned by the app. Each article is automatically annotated with relevant learning resources and connected to the vast Osmosis question bank.

Most importantly, faculty member and residents write test questions and flashcards based on the conferences and readings for the week, and these become available to everyone else in the residency. We learn together.

Questions are organized by module (e.g. acid-base, hypertension, syncope, pneumonia), and you can review these any time. As you take the questions you can choose to have them recycle back to you on the Osmosis phone app, or on the desktop platform. This is particularly effective for questions that you missed or concepts you did not fully understand.

If you happen to miss a conference, you can download the materials and the questions from Osmosis, and still learn something.

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