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Residency Programs

Fellowship Preparation and Mentorship

If you are interested in pursuing a fellowship, as an intern you will meet with Dr Luckett to review steps that can be taken during your first year to put you on the road to success.  You will then meet with a member of the Fellowship Advisory Committee (FAC) or another faculty mentor to clarify a definitive fellowship plan.

The FAC is composed of subspecialty faculty members who have trained at diverse institutions and can provide unique insight into the fellowship application process.

The FAC provides you with advice in selecting high value rotations and experiences, helps you develop a timeline for fellowship application, offers you career guidance specific to your desired field, and assists you in finding a primary mentor.

You will be aided in assessing your qualifications and forming an action plan to improve your application strength, with the ultimate goal of acquiring your desired fellowship.

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FAC Leadership

Photo of  Renee Hebbeler-Clark, MD

Renee Hebbeler-Clark, MD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Peter Lenz, MD

Peter Lenz, MD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Keith Luckett, MD

Keith Luckett, MD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Jack Rubinstein, MD

Jack Rubinstein, MD

Assistant Professor