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Creating Caring Communities

The Creating Caring Communities pilot program is a collaboration between the Osher Center for Integrative Health at UC, UC COM Office of Student Affairs, UC COM Faculty Wellness Advisory Council, and UC Medical Center Graduate Medical Education Wellness and Well-Being Committee.  Adapted from the existing Center Mind-Body Skills program, Creating Caring Communities (CCC) is designed to provide group support and encourage self-care and wellness by creating an environment for participants to connect in a safe, authentic setting that allows them to speak freely about how they are adjusting professionally and personally in these virtual times and to share challenges, joys, and to be there for each other.

UC Creating Caring Communities Program: Additional Information (PDF)

Evaluating ‘Creating Caring Communities’: A medical student pilot wellness program to aid in the transition to medical school during COVID 19 (PDF). Emily Williams, Harini Pallerla, MS Susan McDonald, MA, Laura Malosh PhD, Sonali Doshi, Sian Cotton PhD. Poster Presented at the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health Virtual Symposium. April 11-13, 2021.


Adapted from the Center's existing Mind-Body Skills program, Creating Caring Communities is currently being piloted with the M1s (1st year medical students) in the College of Medicine (COM) in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs. During the Spring 2021 semester, the program will be offered to faculty across the COM in collaboration with the Faculty Well-Being Committee (Chair: Dr. Jennifer Molano).


Each group is comprised of 1-2 trained facilitators and 10 participants.  Facilitators include current Mind-Body Skills facilitators, past Mind-Body Skills participants, and additional faculty and staff who have been trained in the format/guidelines by previously trained Mind-Body Skills facilitators. Guidelines include: confidentiality, "I-Pass", mindful listening, and non-judgement.

If you are interested in participating, please email Susie McDonald.

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