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COM Faculty Well-Being Advisory Group

Vision:  To be a culture that supports meaningful work and personal well-being for all UC-COM faculty

Mission:  To empower UC-COM faculty to engage in meaningful work and personal well-being

Faculty Wellness Advisory Council Charges

Initial Goal: Advise the UC-COM Dean on the best ways to measure/assess current burden of burnout and faculty well-being

Initial Deliverable: Create a central repository of ongoing burnout mitigation efforts across the UC-COM

Long-term goal: Eventually recommend new burnout and well-being programs that are locally relevant and fill gaps in our current efforts


UC-COM Faculty Well-Being Advisory Group Overview of Activities (PDF)

Committee Membership

Jennifer Molano (chair)Diagram of Group Activities
Michael Archdeacon
Jason Blackard
Brett Plyler
Heather Christensen
Sian Cotton
Reena Dhanda-Patil
Tonya Dixon
Brian Evans
Michael Holliday
John Kues
Elizabeth Leenellett
Toral Shah

Achala Vagal


Department Champions

Anesthesiology Marcus Lehman
BioMedical Informatics N/A
Cancer Biology Yanbo Fan
Dermatology Rachel Johnson
Emergency Medicine Elizabeth Leenellett
Environmental Health Divaker Choubey
Family Medicine Eleanor Glass
Internal Medicine Cardiology: Rick Becker and Umara Raza
Pulmonary: Toral Shah,
Hematology Oncology: Rekha Chaudhary
Immunology, Rheumatology and Allergy: Avis Ware
General Internal Medicine: Kalyn Jolivette, Danielle Clark, Houman Varghai and Kate Schmidt
Medical Education Heather Christensen & Aaron Marshall
Mole Gen Katherine Vest
Neurology Jenn Molano
Neurosurgery Ishita Basu
OB/Gyn Brian Miller
Ophthalmology Karl Golnik
Orthopaedic Surgery Tonya Dixon
Otolaryngology Sid Khosla
Pathology & Lab Medicine Paul Lee
Pediatrics Jamilah Hackworth
PSP Roger Worrell
Psychiatry Brian Evans
Radiation Oncology Sara Medek
Radiology Bruce Mahoney
Surgery Jaime Lewis

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