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Trainee’s responsibilities will be evaluated at every weekly meeting with the sponsor; Trainees are expected to:

  • Develop hypothesis-driven research questions that are related to cardiovascular disease or stroke.
  • Design a research project, under mentorship of the sponsor, to test the hypothesis.
  • Literature review using PubMed, Scopus, Medline and Google Scholar to interpret and apply towards the problems and hypothesis.
  • Determine the ongoing projects on the same area and available funding support at NIHReporter.
  • Work on methodologies, reagents and facilities that are directly linked to the hypothesis.
  • Generate data by working in the sponsor’s lab.
  • Interpret their produced data and communicate the results to the sponsor and the rest of the group members.
  • Become familiar the scientific research process.
  • Comply with ethical standards in research and scholarship.
  • Engage in open and timely discussions with sponsor and lab mates regarding possession or distribution of tangible property such as lab ware, cell lines, reagents, etc.
  • Show respectful conduct towards coworkers and members of the academic or research group.
  • Complete a laboratory research project during the program’s duration.
  • At the conclusion of the summer fellowship, present their data to an internal peer review group and at the summer trainee research forum.
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