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Research Investigator Pathway: Research Career Development Program

The UC HCRI offers a Mentored Research Career Development Program. Our primary objective is to establish a comprehensive training program that will emphasize high quality clinical, population and translational research in heart and circulation diseases, disorders and conditions. We will select individuals with different backgrounds and experiences who are committed to academic research careers. These individuals will be trained to serve as mentors for the next generation of physicians entering the field. Each trainee supported by this M-RCDP will be required to conduct 2 years of 75% to full-time research under the direction of a Lead Mentor. In many cases, where multi-disciplinary aspects of the proposed work make it advisable, a co-mentor from another discipline will assist the Lead Mentor. Training of participating mentors on the essentials of good mentoring will be an important feature of our program. Each trainee will receive formal instruction in the “survival skills” essential to a successful academic career. Finally, each trainee will undergo formal and rigorous training in the responsible conduct of research.

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