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Photo of  Mehran Attari, MD

Mehran Attari, MD

Affiliated Faculty, Integrative Cardiologist

  • Fellowship: St. Luke's Medical Center, University of Wisconsin (Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology)
  • Fellowship: Mount Sinai Medical Center (Cardiovascular Disease)
  • Residency: Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Weill College of Medicine of Cornell University (Internal Medicine)
  • Medical Degree: Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Internal Medicine (Cardiac Electrophysiology) (Certification Date: 20041103) - (Recertification Date: 20180401)
American Board of Internal Medicine (Cardiovascular Disease) (Certification Date: 20031105)

Contact Information
Research Interests

Clinical Interest:

Resynchronization Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure

Research Interest:

- Atrial fibrillation ablation and mechanisms

- Novel approaches to arrhythmia management, including neuromodulation

- Prevention of sudden cardiac death

- Device therapy in heart failure

- Ventricular arrhythmias and new mapping modalities and ablation techniques, including epicardial ablation

- Pr...

Clinical Interests

Cardiac Electrophysiology


Cardiovascular Disease

Internal Medicine

Peer Reviewed Publications

Zhou, Ying; Lower, Elyse E; Li, Hui-Ping; Costea, Alexandru; Attari, Mehran; Baughman, Robert P 2017. Cardiac Sarcoidosis: The Impact of Age and Implanted Devices on Survival. Chest, 151 1, 139-148

Yousuf, Mian Atif; Haq, Sulsal; O'Donnell, Robert E; Attari, Mehran 2015. Hemodynamically significant atrial septal defect after atrial fibrillation ablation: A hole to remember. Heart rhythm : the official journal of the Heart Rhythm Society, 12 9, 1987-9

Abo-Salem, Elsayed; Fowler, John C; Attari, Mehran; Cox, Craig D; Perez-Verdia, Alejandro; Panikkath, Ragesh; Nugent, Kenneth 2014. Antibiotic-induced cardiac arrhythmias. Cardiovascular therapeutics, 32 1, 19-25

Shizukuda, Yukitaka; Muth, James; Chaney, Curtis; Attari, Mehran 2012. Anomalous ridge on the left atrial side of the atrial septum. Annals of cardiac anaesthesia, 15 2, 161-2

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Madias, John E; Narayan, Virenjan; Attari, Mehran 2003. Detection of P waves via a "saline-filled central venous catheter electrocardiographic lead" in patients with low electrocardiographic voltage due to anasarca. The American journal of cardiology, 91 7, 910-4

Madias, John E; Bravidis, Demetrius; Attari, Mehran 2002. Posterior myocardial infarction and complete right bundle- branch block. Chest, 122 5, 1860-4