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The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center

Bone Metastases

A metastatic cancer can spread to the bones in two ways. As cancer tumors grow, they can break down barriers into the blood system. Pieces of the tumor can break off, get into the blood stream and become deposited in bone.

Bone Metastases Via UC Health


The University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute is one of the few centers in the Tri-state area to specialize in oncofertility, which helps people with cancer and cancer survivors pursue options to preserve their fertility.

Oncofertility Via UC Health

Proton Therapy

At our Proton Therapy Center, located in Liberty Township, we offer proton radiotherapy to treat many different types of cancers, delivering radiation to a tumor with remarkable precision.

Call for more information or to schedule an appointment: 513-584-2326

Proton Therapy Via UC Health


Returning to a normal life after cancer can be challenging. At UC Health, our purpose is to advance healing and reduce suffering - even after cancer remission. It’s our promise to you.

Call for more information: 513-584-6997

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