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Yana Zavros, PhD

Our breakthroughs break the path of cancer.

To be a director of a PhD program at UC College of Medicine takes more than just an understanding of medicines; you need to understand the international, big picture of medicine within your field. To interview directors and hear them speak with reverence of the physicians they work with is remarkable because they are in awe of the caliber of doctors that are creating today’s and tomorrow’s medicine. What becomes quickly clear is that it is a legacy of great work that stands on their shoulders – boasting numerous doctors that have transformed UC College of Medicine into a magnet for international excellence. Notable medicine is as much about the people practicing it, who are creating never-conceived solutions.

Yana Zavros, PhD in LabIt’s no surprise the UC College of Medicine carries a distinguished reputation for providing excellence in leading-edge research and training outstanding health professionals. In fact, its because of this incredible work that many of our region’s best doctors and researchers have walked through UCCoM’s doors. For even more top professionals, it’s the same reason why they have never left.

For Yana Zavros, Ph.D., director of the systems biology and physiology Ph.D. program, one of the most rewarding aspects of her work at UCCoM is the phenomenal research environment. Its vibrant, highly collaborative atmosphere and plentiful resources have given Zavros the tools to make significant medical advancements – from studying gastric cancer, to sonic hedgehog signaling in the gastric epithelium, to creating the first functional 3D stomach tissue. She has reveled inworking with countless researchers, surgeons and physicians who share her excitement for the breakthrough research she is conducting.

Another aspect that keeps Zavros at UCCoM? The outstanding teaching environment. Whether she’s working with graduate students in the lab or  learning from other professors, Zavros takes pride in being a part of a institution that attracts high-quality candidates dedicated to becoming outstanding scientists.