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Shimul Shah, MD

He's helping those with new organs recover in new ways.

As an Associate Professor of Surgery and the Chief of Solid Organ Transplantation, Shimul Shah, MD, is focused on three things—clinical care, research and education. His professional dedication stems from his passion is for his patients. All of Shah’s work at the UC College of Medicine—whether it’s in his clinic, his research studies, or his classroom—comes down to improving patient care. 

Shimul Shah, MDShah is grateful for the support and resources offered by the UC College of Medicine that allow him and other doctors and researchers to pursue innovative ways to make a difference for their patients.

“We are doing cutting edge therapies, we're using technology, and we're using research to provide better care,” said Shah. “And we're educating the next generation.”

According to Shah, UC College of Medicine and UC Health offers the only liver transplant program in the region, serving two and a half million people. But Shah is committed to extending the program’s reach to other areas so patients who travel to UC for treatment can recover in the place they want to be most—home.

Shah has dedicated his clinical research to finding ways to improve outcomes for his patients. For patients receiving liver transplants, their post-surgical care requires consistent monitoring and follow-up visits. To address post-transplant care, Shah ran an observational study and determined that video education and telehealth monitoring are effective and feasible methods of care for liver transplant patients.

“I am inspired by UC College of Medicine's mission of clinical care, research, and education, and how the institution uses innovation in all those different aspects to improve the care, the training of people, and future therapies more so than other places.”