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Orson J. Austin, MD

His most impactful lessons are taught by example.

As an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at UC College of Medicine, Orson Austin, MD, works to provide the best possible care for all of his patients. In his family medicine practice, Austin sees patients from a wide range of ages and incomes with various ailments, and he’s determined to treat each and every patient with cutting-edge care. 

Part of Austin’s mission as a physician to is provide care for patients in underserved communities. He’s involved in medical mission work, community health organizations’ boards and local schools. 

“One of the reasons I decided to Orson Austin, MDdo training and a primary care specialty is because I wanted to address the needs of the underserved,” said Austin. “Being out in the community provides an opportunity to better understand health disparities and to try to be an advocate for those individuals who may be underserved in the area of healthcare. It certainly allows you to understand what is actually happening in our neighborhoods, and to truly show empathy and feel a sensitivity towards patients.” 

Austin’s dedication to community extends to the global community as well. He’s been on multiple healthcare mission trips to Haiti and is heading back later this year. During his last visit, he was able to see more than 200 patients.

As an Associate Professor at the UC College of Medicine, Austin teaches medical students and resident physicians at UC Health and Christ Hospital along with his clinical care responsibilities. Austin understands the significance of teaching the next generation of physicians—and the impact it can have on future patients. For example, in his clinical practice Austin noticed that he sees a high number of seniors, and he knows the aging population is expected to grow in the future. Now, he is involved in geriatric care teaching and a geriatric Fellowship program fellowships to ensure that future physicians are prepared to care for older patients. 

“As a primary care physician, I'm interested in improving the healthcare experience for our patients and to make sure that we're meeting and/or exceeding all of the healthcare measures that they have set forth, with the goal of ultimately improving the health of individuals in that community” said Austin.