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Global Health

Global Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

At the University of Cincinnati, there is considerable interest among students in understanding how diseases, workplace injury, and environmental exposures impact public health.  

In 2008, the first graduate students were enrolled in the Masters of Public Health (MPH) program. With the creation of the global health track within the MPH program, there are now more opportunities for students to participate in practical global health experiences.  A recent webinar - MPH Global Health Practicums - conducted by Child Family Health International in collaboration with UC's MPH program can be accessed online.

The McMicken College of Arts & Sciences has created the Certificate in Global Health Studies for undergraduates interested in improving their knowledge of global health issues.

Several courses have been designed to accommodate the global and public interests of UC students at multiple levels.  Additionally, undergraduate and graduate students international experiences should contact UC International for information on planning their time abroad and to learn about various forms of financial support.

PH 8070 - Global and International Health Systems:

This course aims to provide an overview of global health problems and national and international health systems including economic, political, and cultural factors shaping population health and organization of healthcare within countries and globally.  This course addressed many of the key issues in global health including global health inequalities, socioeconomic context of health and disease, the spread of infectious diseases, maternal and child health, behavioral/mental health, cross-national comparisons, science and technology issues, and national and global health payers and players.  Course director:  Chuck Doarn

PH 8075 / POL 6031 - Global Health and Diplomacy:

This course aims to describe the relevancy of global health and international politics, how humanitarian crisis due to conflict can cause challenges to healthcare systems and how diplomacy is brought to the forefront using real world events in addressing these challenges, discuss the application of legal and ethical principles for foreign policy in addressing global health needs and issues, describe how vulnerable populations and disease can influence or be influenced by diplomatic issues and provide illustrative examples where natural and manmade disasters have influenced or have been influenced by diplomatic solutions.  Course director:  Chuck Doarn

PD 3045 - Exploring Global Health Internships:

This course will prepare students for a specific global health internship. Isolated versus collective impact, perspectives on American students abroad, poverty, power and privilege, participatory observation and critical engagement, voluntourism, human rights, and advocacy will be discussed with supporting readings. Explicit attention will be dedicated to the topics of medical and service learning ethics, safety, and reflection for learning. Leadership and team dynamics exercises will be incorporated when appropriate. Students will be required to coordinate with UC International Programs as a part of this course as well as conduct in-depth research into the customs, culture, and challenges of the country/countries to which they will be traveling for their internship. Students interested in this course should contact the course director - Robin Selzer.

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