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Emergency Medicine

A Message for Prospective Residents

Residency is the final and most important step in training to become an Emergency Physician, a fulfilling and critical career in medicine. You have worked very hard to learn the beginning skills in patient care during your time in medical school and you owe it to yourself and your patients to seek out the best training. 

Your training program should not only give you the tools and skills to become an outstanding physician, but also give you mentorship and guidance to help mold your future. Your choice of residency training programs is one of the most important decisions you will make in your professional life.

Our training philosophy is to provide residents with the resources and support to become the clinician leaders that they wish to be. Here are some of the highlights of that training:

  • Residency training begins in the clinical environment. A diverse, challenging, and varied clinical environment that exposes you to all types of Emergency Medical care is the linchpin to becoming an outstanding physician and leader. Our residents have clinical responsibilities at a “traditional” university-based teaching hospital and level one trauma center, two children’s hospitals, and two community hospitals. We have a variety of rotations that emphasize the acquisition of specific skills rather than just addressing service needs.
  • Our Emergency Medicine faculty are dedicated to the education and advancement of our residents and Emergency Medicine worldwide. Our nationally-known faculty are invested in training the best residents in the country and are eager to provide personal mentorship on the road to achieving this goal. The faculty are an integral part of all aspects of our training program.  They act as resident advisors, have educational initiatives at their homes, and have a common goal to educate the top physicians in Emergency Medicine.
  • Elective time is flexible and designed on a personal level with each resident to explore your interests and build your future career. We want you to create a personal and professional niche within Emergency Medicine and we will work with you to design an elective plan that will help you achieve your long term goals. While electives are readily available in education and bedside teaching, operations and administration, ultrasound, wilderness medicine, public health, international medicine, toxicology, emergency medical services, research, or aeromedical transport, we can design your time to encompass anything that you hope to achieve educationally. Our residents have in-depth experiences that ultimately translate to enhanced employment opportunities and long-term career satisfaction.

Our goal is for you to become the best Emergency Physician you can possibly be, form life-long bonds with an outstanding group of residents, and be ready in all respects to care for the acutely ill or injured patient in any circumstance. 

Our graduates have been successful throughout the country and the world. You have worked hard for four years in medical school to learn all that your professors can teach you. Invest another four years in yourself and become part of both the legacy and the future of Emergency Medicine.


Erin McDonough, MD
Erin E. McDonough, MD
Residency Program Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Cincinnati Medical Center
University of Cincinnati Emergency Medicine Residency