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Department of

Emergency Medicine

Faculty Researchers

The faculty of the UC Department of Emergency Medicine are actively supported in research endeavors, assisted by several teams.Faculty involvement with active research projects, including areas of interest.

Name Primary Focus
Adeoye Neurologic emergencies, biomarkers
Benoit Cardiac arrest, airway management, emergency medical services
Bonomo Traumatic brain injury, mechanical ventilation, organ donation, ultrasound, ethics
Bryant Education research, simulation, global health
Calhoun Emergency medical services, emergency management
Carleton Airway management, ultrasound
Fermann Acute cardiovascular research, biomarker discovery, clinical trials
Fernandez Biomedical informatics
Froehle Operations research
Gensic Neurovascular emergencies
Gibler Emergency cardiovascular research, biomarkers
Hill Education Research, Operations Research
Hinckley Helicopter emergency medical services
Hooker Ophthalmology, dental care, operations research, hospital acquired infections, opioid abuse, stroke
Knight Neurovascular emergencies, targeted temperature management, seizures
Kreitzer Neurovascular emergencies, traumatic brain injury
Lindsell Public health, research methods, clinical research ethics, health systems
Locasto Emergency medical services
Lyons Public health, health Services, HIV/HCV/STI prevention, substance use disorders
McDonough Neurocritical care, neurovascular emergencies, education
McMullan Emergency medical services, trauma, out of hospital cardiac arrest
Moellman Asthma, allergy and immunology, clinical trials
Naber Clinical trials
Otten Toxicology, military medicine, wilderness medicine
Pancioli Neurologic emergencies, stroke
Paulsen Education research
Powell Emergency medical services
Ronan Undergraduate medical and graduate medical education
Ryan, R Acute coronary syndromes, operations, infection, health policy, public health, cancer/oncology emergencies, and sweat biomarkers
Ryan, S Operations, quality, and addiction medicine
Shaw Non-invasive neurologic monitoring and assessment
Stettler Neurologic emergencies, education
Wall Clinical trials
Walsh Stroke, biomarkers, neuro-inflammation, bioinformatics
Willing Operations research
Wright Operations, quality improvement, evidence based medicine, global health