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Department of

Emergency Medicine


The Neurovascular Division of the Department of Emergency Medicine performs both basic science and clinical research on neurovascular emergencies.

The Division currently sponsors two separate fellowships: Neurovascular Emergencies and Neurocritical Care. We also offer rotations for emergency medicine residents to participate with the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Stroke Team.

The Neurovascular Division currently has the following members:

  • Arthur Pancioli, MD (Division Director)
  • Opeolu Adeoye, MD
  • Jordan Bonomo, MD
  • Erin McDonough, MD
  • William Knight, MD
  • Natlie Kreitzer, MD


  • Jason McMullan, MD
  • George (Chip) Shaw, MD PhD
  • Pam Schmit, RN
  • Brian Stettler, MD
  • Kay Vonderschmidt, EMT-P
  • Kyle Walsh, MD


The emergency medicine faculty and staff are integral members of the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Stroke Team. This is one of the most active stroke research teams in the world.

Built on a long-standing multidisciplinary collaboration this team features immediate consultation for acute stroke patients for all 16 acute care hospitals in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region.

With both vascular neurologists and emergency physicians sharing primary call this team treats almost 200 patients per year with reperfusion therapies. These therapies range from intravenous t-PA to intra-arterial approaches.

The team also enrolls more than 50 patients per year in acute stroke treatment trials.

The Neurovascular Division has a long history of providing educational opportunities to emergency medicine residents who wish to acquire experiences in neurovascular research or the acute clinical management of neurological emergencies. Residents can join or initiate research projects or rotate with the stroke team treating acute stroke patients with reperfusion therapy (averaging greater than 100 calls per month and greater than 10 t-PA treats per month).