Today is Saturday, Jun. 6, 2020

Department of

Emergency Medicine

Division of EMS Faculty / Staff

  • Justin J. Benoit, MD, MS, FAEMS
  • Dustin J. Calhoun, MD, FAEMS
  • Vicki D. Conneighton, EMT-P
  • Jeremy A. Crook, MD
  • B. Woods Curry, MD, FAEMS
  • Frank A. Forde, MD
  • Gavin Hayes, BS
  • Jeffrey J. Hill, EMT-P, EMSI
  • Andrew N. Hogan, MD
  • Edmond Hooker, MD, DrPH
  • William R. Hinckley, MD, FAAEM, CMTE
  • William Knight IV, MD
  • Sabrina D. Leach, MD
  • Walter C. Lubbers, MD
  • Jason T. McMullan MD, FAEMS
  • Kyle C. Niziolek, MD
  • Scott O'Leary, EMT-P
  • Edward J. Otten, MD, FACMT, FAWM
  • Christopher T. Richards, MD, MS, FAEMS
  • Conal D. Roche, MD
  • Steven R. Ward, PA-C, NREMT-P
  • Jason P. Witte, MPA, EMSI