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Environmental Health

Photo of Susan Kasper, PhD

Susan Kasper, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Health, UC College of Medicine

  • B.Sc. Honours: University of Manitoba
  • M.S.: University of Manitoba
  • Ph.D.: University of Manitoba

Contact Information
  • Department of Environmental Health
  • Kettering Laboratory
  • Office 513-558-2126
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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Zhou, Jian; Giridhar, Premkumar Vummidi; Kasper, Susan; Papautsky, Ian 2014. Modulation of rotation-induced lift force for cell filtration in a low aspect ratio microchannel. Biomicrofluidics, 8 4, 044112

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Zhou, Jian; Giridhar, Premkumar Vummidi; Kasper, Susan; Papautsky, Ian 2013. Modulation of aspect ratio for complete separation in an inertial microfluidic channel. Lab on a chip, 13 10, 1919-29

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Zhang, JianFeng; Gao, Nan; DeGraff, David J; Yu, Xiuping; Sun, Qian; Case, Thomas C; Kasper, Susan; Matusik, Robert J 2010. Characterization of cis elements of the probasin promoter necessary for prostate-specific gene expression. The Prostate, 70 9, 934-51

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