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Department of Environmental Health

Risk Science Center (RSC)



Our Expertise

Assessment & Risk Technology


Our scientists combine a practitioner's knowledge of the issues and pitfalls involved in the development of human health risk assessments with cutting-edge toxicology expertise to develop state-of-the-science assessments.  Our research, aimed at improving risk assessment methods in the areas of dose-response and mode of action, further enhances our analyses.  In solving risk problems for a diverse array of government and private sponsors, we apply a collaborative philosophy that emphasizes partnership building, allowing us to expand our pool of expertise, build on multiple perspectives, and ensure the use of the best science.


Peer Review & Consultation


Engaging outside experts to review risk assessments and methods can help insure high quality and scientifically-defensible work products and results. Government agencies, NGOs and industry recognize the value added by expert peer review and are a world leader in providing independent expert review for all types of risk assessment documents and activities.


Risk Assessment Training

The Risk Science Center offers human health risk assessment training in a variety of formats, from our week-long in-depth Dose Response Boot Camp, to custom onsite or online training modules.  Our courses are designed to provide systematic training in current assessment practices as well as in the latest methods in human health chemical risk assessment.

Risk Resources

The Risk Science Center is leader in risk tool development.

  • ITER - (International Toxicity Estimates for Risk) ITER is a free Internet database of chronic human health risk values and cancer classifications for over 700 chemicals of environmental concern from multiple organizations worldwide. Visit ITER
  • Kids + Chemical Safety - This risk communication website provides up-to-date health information on chemical hazards and safe use of chemicals around children.
  • RiskIE (Risk Information Exchange) - RiskIE is a free internet database of in progress or recently completed human health risk assessment projects. Visit RiskIE

Pharmaceutical Support

PharmaceuticalsThe Risk Science Center's pharmaceutical services build on our strength as a leader in toxicological risk assessment. Whether you need an Occupational Exposure Limit set for an active pharmaceutical ingredient, are concerned about the safety implications of an impurity in your raw material or finished product, or are not sure how a regulatory guidance applies to your particular situation, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Our highly qualified team includes occupational physicians, industrial hygienists, pharmacists, and board-certified toxicologists.