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Graduate Student Research Overview

This page will offer a variety of resources throughout the academic year. Please check back for future additions.

Responsible Conduct of Research Refresher Course Completed in 2018

The students listed below completed the RCR Refresher Course in 2018. This course fulfills the requirements set forth by the NIH for pre and postdoctoral research trainees.

Surname Given name
Abdulla Zuhair
Althoff Mark
Basista Mark
Bailey Rebecca
Bick Gregory
Cline Allison
Dunn Caitlin
Essandoh Kobina
Evans Heather
Fletcher Jonathan
Flood Hannah
Ford Neil
Ghulam Enas
Hall Daniel
Hochstetler Cindy
Ibrahim Shaimaa
Leonard Marissa
Li Yutian
Liu Huan
Miles Keila
Milewski David
Oatman Nicole
Ruiz-Torres Sonya
Sitaraman Sneha
Smith Molly
VonHandorf Andrew
White Angela
Zhang Xuzhe


Previous RCR Refresher Course Completion

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