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Recent Graduates

2020 Graduates

caitlin-dunnCaitlin Dunn

Graduate Program: MDB (Louis Muglia, MD, PhD)
Accomplishments & Awards: First author publication
Pediatrics PSTP, University of Texas Southwestern

jonathan-fletcherJonathan Fletcher

Graduate Program: Immunology (Nancy Ratner, PhD)
Accomplishments & Awards: Two first-author research articles and several additional co-authorships, F30 through NINDS
Residency: Pediatrics PSTP, University of Texas Southwestern

Jeff KuerbitzJeff Kuerbitz

Graduate Program: MDB (Kenneth Campbell, PhD)
Accomplishments & Awards: Two first-author publications
Residency: Child Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine /Texas Children’s Hospital

Monwabisi MakolaMonwabisi (Nwabi) Makola

Graduate Program: Neuroscience (Kim Cecil, PhD)
Accomplishments & Awards: Two first-author publications, and received the Thomas L. Slovis Award for the Best Basic Science Paper appearing in Pediatric Radiology in 2017
Residency: Psychiatry, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Bryan MalikenBryan Maliken

Graduate Program: Cancer & Cell Biology (Jeffery Molkentin, PhD)
Accomplishments & Awards: Seven research manuscripts, including one first-author publication, predoctoral research grants from AHA and NHLBI, MSTP Student Service Award (UC College of Medicine, MSTP)
Residency: Internal Medicine, Case Western University as part of the Harrington Physician-Scientist Pathway; plans to pursue fellowship in Cardiology

Keith SaumKeith Saum

Graduate Program: Biomedical Engineering (Phillip Owens, PhD; Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD)
Accomplishments & Awards: Four publications, including two first-author manuscripts, research produced a US patent, John J. Hutton Academic Excellence Award (UC College of Medicine)
Residency: Internal Medicine PSTP, University of Michigan; plans to pursue fellowship training in Nephrology

Stephen TrisnoStephen Trisno

Graduate Program: MDB (James Wells, PhD)
Accomplishments & Awards: Three research manuscripts, including a first-author article in Cell Stem Cell
Residency: Pediatrics Physician-Scientist Track, Stanford University

Arya ZandvakiliArya Zandvakili

Graduate Program: MDB (Brian Gebelein, PhD)
Accomplishments & Awards: Four manuscripts, including three first-author publications
Residency: Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases PSTP, University of Iowa

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