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MSTP Professional Development 

Senior Physician Scientist Advisor Program

The Senior Physician Scientist Advisor Program pairs students with Senior Physician Scientist (SPS) Mentors. Students and advisors are matched based on clinical interests and research expertise. Students meet with their SPS mentors on a quarterly basis throughout MD/PhD training. This program is designed to guide students in decision making and prepare them for their future careers.


Each year all students and program staff participate in two retreats, one during fall semester and the other in the spring. The fall retreat is a full-day event focused on career development. Past topics include physician scientist career pathways, career advising, creating work-life balance, integrating research into residency, and grant-writing workshops. The spring retreat consists of a program-sponsored weekend getaway to a local resort. Student presentations (oral and poster) are a large component of this event, as are building relationships among students. Special time is also dedicated to celebrate student accomplishments and honor current-year graduates. Past topics include giving effective presentations and feedback, team building and effective communication, and featured speakers such as the Director of Translational Research for the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Cincinnati MSTP alumnus).

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

The UC MSTP is proud to be the first MSTP in the country to have developed a web-based IDP available to all students and specific to the MD/PhD program. The IDP is designed to facilitate success in the MSTP by empowering students to develop and track their goals and milestones.

Biomedical Science Seminar

Students participate in a weekly journal club designed to bridge basic science and translational research with clinical practice. Student leaders choose journal articles for use as case studies on a given topic.

Summer Forum on Clinical & Translational Research

A weekly forum divided into three modules: Designing Research, Conducting Research, and Interpreting Research.  The final module focuses on quantitative methods. The program is in partnership with our institutional CTSA and is centered on translational research.

Interactions with Prominent Physicians and Scientists Series

While seminars and course work are important components of MD/PhD training, it is crucial that students also directly interact with prominent figures in research and medicine. The Cincinnati MSTP connects students with dynamic leaders through distinguished guest lecturers and small-group meetings. Meetings facilitate discussion of the career paths and experiences of prominent physician scientists, and provide opportunities for students to receive guidance in their individual training and career planning. 

Program Meetings

Program Meetings are bi-monthly gatherings of MSTP students, leadership and staff which foster camaraderie among students in all stages of the program. This recurring event provides a venue for regular discussion of program issues and updates and gives students the opportunity to learn more about the scientific research of their MSTP peers through individual student presentations.  

MSTP Class Representatives

Serve as peer resources to other students about aspects related to their level of training.

Student Governing Council

The Student Governing Council is a group of MSTP student officers and representatives. The explicit purpose of the Student Governing Council is support of the student body, and to ultimately to help each individual student achieve his/her training and career goals. The Student Governing Council works to create an atmosphere of collegiality, a spirit of tradition, and a desire for mutual success within the Medical Scientist Training Program.

Leadership Position # Reps/ Term Length Year in Program Required Current Rep(s) Description
M1/M2 Curriculum Committee (MD) 1 rep,
2 years
None, good fit for M2 or G1 Kathrynne Warrick (2023)Directs and monitors M1/M2 curriculum and coordinates with LCME objectives
M3/M4 Curriculum Committee (MD) 1 rep,
2 years
G1 or above Corinne Foley (2023)Directs and monitors M3/M4 curriculum and coordinates with LCME objectives
Clinical Core Competencies Team (MD) 1 rep,
2 years
None Robert Kleven (2022)Directs and monitors clinical experiences in M1-M4 and coordinates with LCME objectives
Educational Policy Committee (MD) 1 rep,
2 years
G1 or above, M3 preferred Laura Tweedie (2022) Oversees changes to curriculum/educational policy proposed by MD committees
Admissions Committee (MD) 2 reps,
2 years
G1 or above Alex Feldman (2022)
Austin Drake (2023)
Reviews applications & meets during MD admission season to discuss
Steering Committee (MSTP) 2 reps,
2 years
None, good fit for G2 or G3

Rebecca Crowther (2022)
Zana Percy (SGC Chief)

Alex Feldman (2023)

Hears and discusses reports from other MSTP committees & makes decisions for the future of the MSTP
Admissions Committee (MSTP) 3 reps,
3 years
None, good fit for G1 or G2

Stan DeVore (2022)

Andrea Toth (2023)

Jake Stevens (2024)

Reviews applications and meets weekly to discuss, plans & conducts interviews
Enrichment Committee (MSTP) 3 reps,
2 years

Keisuke Sawada (2022)

Amanda McGann (2022)

Akaljot Singh (2023)

Plans fall/spring retreats & distinguished lecturer events
Academic Progress Committee - APC (MSTP) 2 reps,
2 years
G3 or above

Kevin Zhang (2022)

Tammy Gonzalez (2022)

Reviews student progress
Pathway Committee (MSTP) 2 reps,
2 years
None, prefer post-qual students

Kurtis Stefan (2023)

Joshua Bennett (2023)

Reviews proposals for dissertation and senior projects
Chief Officer (SGC) 1 rep,
1 year
Graduate years only Zana Percy (2022)Create agenda & lead SGC meetings, represent MSTP at meetings, communicate between MSTP positions, run elections, steering committee
Information Officer (SGC) 1 rep,
1 year
G1 or above Jackie Ehrman (2022) Take minutes for SGC meetings, maintain shared drive, categorize and share books and notes for M1-M4
Social Officer (SGC) 1 rep,
1 year
None Sydney Treichel (2022)Organize new student welcome picnic, coordinate informal events, collect levy and spend where appropriate
Diversity and Inclusion Officer (MSTP) 1 rep,
1 year
None Camille Sullivan (2022) Act as MSTP liaison with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, coordinate annual lunch for minority SURF students
Mentoring Officer (MSTP) 1 rep,
1 year
None Nora Lakes (2022)Match incoming M1s to “big sibs”, serve as point person for students’ questions
Wellness Officer (MSTP) 1 rep,
1 year
None Kimaya Raje (2022)Coordinate MSTP wellness-focused activities
American Physician Scientist Association Representative (MSTP) 1 rep,
1 year
None Arya Dahal (2022)Periodically send pertinent APSA information to MSTP students (ex: newsletter, conference info, etc.)


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