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T32, F31/32 & R25 Training Grant Application Resources

The following links have been developed to assist faculty with preparation of T32, F31/F32 and R25 grant applications and progress reports. Much of the data has been collected by the Office of Graduate Education. Some of the text comes from grant proposals prepared by individual PI's. Please respect their intellectual ownership by using their test as a model only and write your own document.

As material quickly becomes dates, the date of preparation is included in all file names.
You will need to log in using your UC credentials to access the links.

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Information for F31, F32 & R25 Grants

Information for T32 Grants

1. NIH program Announcements and Instructions

2. Examples of Successful Grants 

3. Data Tables

Includes: Completed Training Tables 3 and 6b which are prepared and updated by the Office of Graduate Education. Data from individual graduate programs to generate  Training Table 6a. Information about MyBIB, PMCID numbers, ORCIDs, Xtract

4. Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) & Rigor and Reproducibility 

Includes: NIH document detailing RCR training requirements. Syllabi for COM Ethics in Research and Ethics Refresher courses. Lists of faculty who have taught or led discussion sessions in these courses.

5. Institutional Information and Facilities

Includes: Boilerplate introductory information about UC. Descriptions of core facilities, institutes and centers to be used for preparation of the facilities and environment document 

6. Independent Development Plans, Career Development Opportunities, Mentor Training & Mentoring Contracts 

Includes: Guides and forms for IDP preparation. Information about the Biomedical Careers course, the Preparing Future Faculty course. Grant writing workshops, other career development opportunities open to students and postdocs at UC and CCHMC and faculty and trainee mentor training opportunities

7. Minority Recruitment, Support and COM Statistics

Includes: Descriptions of URM (underrepresented minority) recruitment efforts by the Office of Graduate Education. Examples of sections from previously submitted T32 grants. UC programs to support URM trainees. Data about URM graduate student enrollment and graduation rates.

8. Program Evaluation

Includes: Trainee and mentor surveys developed by UC PIs for T32 program evaluation. Sample Program Evaluation sections from submitted T32 and R25 training grants.

9.  Resources for Preparation of Annual Research Performance Progress Report (RPRR)

View information for UC Researchers

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