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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer the MCAT Review Course at different times of the year?

No. The MCAT Review Course is only offered once a year in the winter.  The course typically starts in January.   

Has this class been updated for the new MCAT 2015?
Yes. The study preparation materials, practice tests, and lectures reflect the new MCAT structure and content. 

Can I pay for the course with my credit or debit card? 
Yes. Students are required to pay the registration fee as a part of the online registration.

Is this course open to students who do not attend the University of Cincinnati? 
Yes. This course welcomes students from any college or university. In addition, students can enroll in this course and view content remotely (i.e., students can be enrolled without attending on-site lectures). 

Can I register for this course if I can't make it to all of the lectures? 
Yes. The lectures, handouts, and all other materials will be posted to our Google Drive site, to which all students registered for the course have access.

How much time should I give myself to prepare for the MCAT?
While this varies for each individual student, the AAMC recommends starting to prepare at least three months before planning to take the test. Many pre-med students begin to study for the MCAT four to six months in advance.

Will I need to prepare on my own, outside of taking the MCAT Review Course? 
YES! Working through problems and material outside of the scheduled class time is essential to your success on the MCAT. The review course provides 54 hours of instruction in a classroom setting, but outside of that students should plan to review material on their own. Students are encouraged to use the materials provided with the course to prep on their own, and outside supplemental MCAT test prep materials can be found in many bookstores for those students looking for additional information.

Do you have a refund or guarantee policy?
Due to the nature of the MCAT and other standardized tests, we cannot guarantee that students will reach a certain score or improve their score by a pre-determined number of points. Success on the MCAT varies depending on many factors including the effort the student puts into preparation. This review course is intended to assist students in reviewing the material covered on the MCAT and teach students  how to work through sample test questions. Our refund policy states that payment is non-refundable after you register.

Is parking included in the tuition fee? 
Information regarding parking will be distributed to students following their registration. Parking is NOT included with the tuition fee. Parking is available in Eden Garage for a fee, and there are many side streets that offer free or metered parking. During the week (M-F) there is a shuttle that runs between UC Main campus and the College of Medicine (Mainstreet/Eden) that students may use. Follow these links for more information about UC Parking Services and the Shuttle Service.

What was the average improvement for students on their practice MCAT tests? 
Students in the review course receive one practice pre-test (before the course starts) and one practice post-test (immediately after the review course is complete).  The average increase in the expected composite score for students from pre-test to post-test is approximately 4 points (range: 1 point to a 9 point increase). As stated above, your personal success will be dependent on a multitude of factors, including the amount of effort you put into the course and the time you devote to preparing yourself for the MCAT. 

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