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Photo of  Grace E. Niziolek, MD

Grace E. Niziolek, MD

Clinical Instructor

Chief Resident in General Surgery

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Bachelor's Degree: Virginia Tech
  • Medical Degree: University of North Carolina
  • Fellowship : University of Cincinnati
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Baker, Jennifer E; Niziolek, Grace M; Elson, Nora C; Pugh, Amanda M; Nomellini, Vanessa; Makley, Amy T; Pritts, Timothy A; Goodman, Michael D 2019. Optimizing Lower Extremity Duplex Ultrasound Screening After Traumatic Injury. The Journal of surgical research, 243 , 143-150

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Martin, Grace E; He, Heng; Makley, Amy T; Pritts, Timothy A; Elterman, Joel B; Johannigman, Jay A; Goodman, Michael D 2018. Proximal penetrating extremity injuries-An opportunity to decrease overtriage? The journal of trauma and acute care surgery, 85 1, 122-127

Martin, Grace; Shah, Dhavan; Elson, Nora; Boudreau, Ryan; Hanseman, Dennis; Pritts, Timothy A; Makley, Amy T; Foreman, Brandon; Goodman, Michael D 2018. Relationship of Coagulopathy and Platelet Dysfunction to Transfusion Needs After Traumatic Brain Injury. Neurocritical care, 28 3, 330-337

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Martin GE, Shaughnessy EA 2017. Breast Cancer Care in the Elderly Patient Current Geriatrics Reports, 6 3, 139-48

Martin, Grace E; Boudreau, Ryan M; Couch, Caroline; Becker, Katrin Anne; Edwards, Michael J; Caldwell, Charles C; Gulbins, Erich; Seitz, Aaron 2017. Sphingosine's role in epithelial host defense: A natural antimicrobial and novel therapeutic. Biochimie, 141 , 91-96

Martin, Grace E; Xia, Brent; Kim, Young; Johnson, Mark D; Veile, Rosalie; Friend, Lou Ann; Makley, Amy T; Caldwell, Charles C; Goodman, Michael D 2017. Platelet Function Changes in a Time-Dependent Manner Following Traumatic Brain Injury in a Murine Model. Shock (Augusta, Ga.), Nov 2017 [Epub ahead of print] ,

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