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Photo of  Ryan M. Boudreau, MD

Ryan M. Boudreau, MD

Clinical Instructor

Chief Resident in General Surgery

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Bachelor's Degree: Boston College
  • Medical Degree: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Research Fellowship: University of Cincinnati
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Niziolek, Grace M; Boudreau, Ryan M; Baker, Jennifer; Friend, Lou Ann; Makley, Amy T; Edwards, Michael J; Gulbins, Erich; Goodman, Michael D 2020. Acid Sphingomyelinase Inhibition Mitigates Histopathological and Behavioral Changes in a Murine Model of Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of neurotrauma, ,

Boudreau, Ryan M; Deshpande, Keshav K; Day, Gregory M; Hinckley, William R; Harger, Nicole; Pritts, Timothy A; Makley, Amy T; Goodman, Michael D 2019. Prehospital Tranexamic Acid Administration During Aeromedical Transport After Injury. The Journal of surgical research, 233 , 132-138

Boudreau, Ryan M; O'Neal, Erika; Besl, Kelly M; Gordon, Shelley J; Ralston, William; Elterman, Joel B; Pritts, Timothy A; Robinson, Bryce R H 2019. Do Autopsies Still Matter? The Influence of Autopsy Data on Final Injury Severity Score Calculations. The Journal of surgical research, 233 , 453-458

Becker, Katrin Anne; Riethm├╝ller, Joachim; Seitz, Aaron P; Gardner, Aaron; Boudreau, Ryan; Kamler, Markus; Kleuser, Burkhard; Schuchman, Edward; Caldwell, Charles C; Edwards, Michael J; Grassm├ę, Heike; Brodlie, Malcolm; Gulbins, Erich 2018. Sphingolipids as targets for inhalation treatment of cystic fibrosis. Advanced drug delivery reviews, ,

Martin, Grace; Shah, Dhavan; Elson, Nora; Boudreau, Ryan; Hanseman, Dennis; Pritts, Timothy A; Makley, Amy T; Foreman, Brandon; Goodman, Michael D 2018. Relationship of Coagulopathy and Platelet Dysfunction to Transfusion Needs After Traumatic Brain Injury. Neurocritical care, 28 3, 330-337

Boudreau, Ryan M; Johnson, Mark; Veile, Rosalie; Friend, Lou Ann; Goetzman, Holly; Pritts, Timothy A; Caldwell, Charles C; Makley, Amy T; Goodman, Michael D 2017. Impact of tranexamic acid on coagulation and inflammation in murine models of traumatic brain injury and hemorrhage. The Journal of surgical research, 215 , 47-54

Martin, Grace E; Boudreau, Ryan M; Couch, Caroline; Becker, Katrin Anne; Edwards, Michael J; Caldwell, Charles C; Gulbins, Erich; Seitz, Aaron 2017. Sphingosine's role in epithelial host defense: A natural antimicrobial and novel therapeutic. Biochimie, 141 , 91-96

Baker, Jennifer E; Boudreau, Ryan M; Seitz, Aaron P; Caldwell, Charles C; Gulbins, Erich; Edwards, Michael J . Sphingolipids and Innate Immunity: A New Approach to Infection in the Post-Antibiotic Era? Surgical infections, 19 8, 792-803