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3D Mammography (Breast Tomosynthesis)

3D mammography is a new, state of the art technology designed to improve breast cancer detection. The 3D mammogram is taken with the standard 2D mammogram in the same breast compression. Instead of a single x-ray picture of the breast as is taken with the standard 2D mammogram, the 3D mammogram takes a series of low dose x-ray pictures across the breast. It produces thin, highly detailed views of the breast, and allows the radiologist to evaluate the breast slice by slice. This helps detect breast cancers that may be hidden in the dense breast tissue. It also the decreases the need to call women for extra views to sort out superimposed normal tissue from abnormal tissue. A 3D mammogram is done at no additional cost, right before your standard mammogram and only takes a few seconds. While there is an increase in the amount of radiation that the breast is exposed to by adding the 3D mammogram, this amount of radiation is still under the level allowed by the FDA and is safe. You cannot have the 3D mammogram without having the standard mammogram. But, if you choose not to have the 3D mammogram you can still have your standard annual mammogram.

All women can benefit from this new technology, no matter your breast density or family history. However if you have breast implants or very large breasts you may not be able to have the 3D mammogram. Check with the technologist performing your exam to see if you are a candidate.

Currently, we are scheduling 3D mammograms along with standard mammograms at the Barrett Cancer Center/University of Cincinnati Medical Center, the UC Health Mobile Diagnostic Van, and West Chester Hospital. If you would like a 3D mammogram, please let the scheduler know when you make your appointment.

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