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Imaging Matters Newsletters

Imaging Matters Cover Website Imaging Matters is a publication for alumni, current employees and friends of the UC Department of Radiology.

 Please send comments and story ideas for editor, Clint Bramkamp, at or call 513-558-6089.

 Current Issue: August 2020

Proper CV information for Regulatory Documentation (docx)

FDA Training Instructions (docx)

DOIM Regulatory_Request for Services_NEW PROJECT_V3.0 01 Dec 2020 (pdf)

DOIM Fee Schedule -IM ARS Regulatory Revised Fee Schedule (pdf)

Complion E-signature guide (docx)

Complion DOA Log signoff guide (docx)

Com-Policy-Winter-Season-Closing-(09-2014) (pdf)

FINAL DOIM IDP Template (pdf)

Request for Chairman Support Letter 2020 (pdf)

Internal Medicine Grant Funding Winners 2016- 2020 (pdf)

Course Flyer (pdf)

ITS SubsidyRequestFORM_Blank_121420revised (pdf)

ITS SubsidyRequest FORM_Blank_121420 Revised (doc)

The trouble with trees Social and political dynamics of street tree-planting - Carmichael and McDonough (pdf)

Course Flyer (pdf)

Course Flyer (pdf)

UCF - November Summary_FY21 (pdf)

UCF - November Detail_FY21 (pdf)

Research Annual Report 2016-2017 (pdf)

Research Annual Report 2015-2016 (pdf)

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