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Imaging Matters Newsletters

Imaging Matters Cover Website Imaging Matters is a publication for alumni, current employees and friends of the UC Department of Radiology.

 Please send comments and story ideas for editor, Clint Bramkamp, at or call 513-558-6089.

 Current Issue: February 2021

Neurological Clinicopathologic Case Presentation (pptx)

Cost Effectiveness Analysis (pptx)

A Case of Memory Loss (pptx)

UCF - February Summary_FY21 (pdf)

UCF - February Detail_FY21 (pdf)

3.12.2021 UC CAR Weekly Newsletter (pdf)

Cincinnati Medicine Teaching Module 6.9.20-2 (pdf)

CPC (pptx)

Wellness (pptx)

A Sea Change in the Treatment of Acutelschemic Stroke (pptx)

Neurological Clinicopathologic Presentation (pptx)

Generic AEDs Plus Stress (pptx)

Tapering AEDs (pptx)

Presentation CPC with Audio (pptx)

Autonomic Lab Overview (pps)

01272016 lecture (mp3)

Update on ALS Management (pptx)

Technology in PD (pptx)

Between Dead Serious and Dying Laughing (pptx)

PSMD (pps)

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