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Imaging Matters Newsletters

Imaging Matters Cover Website Imaging Matters is a publication for alumni, current employees and friends of the UC Department of Radiology.

 Please send comments and story ideas for editor, Clint Bramkamp, at or call 513-558-6089.

 Current Issue: August 2020

1_Academic Advising Agreement (pdf)

2_Advising Meeting Form (pdf)

Academic Advising Agreement (pdf)

Reinstatement-Extension Form (pdf)

Reinstatement-Extension Form (pdf)

Change in Sub-Plan Form (pdf)

Advanced Standing Form (pdf)

Course Waiver Form (pdf)

Elective Approval Form (pdf)

Advising Meeting Form (pdf)

Academic Advising Agreement (pdf)

CTR SOI Approval Form (pdf)

MS CTR-CRP Curriculum Effective Fall 2019 (pdf)

MS CTR-PI Curriculum Effective Fall 2019 (pdf)

CTR Certificate Curriculum Effective Fall 2019 (pdf)

Reinstatement-Extension Form (pdf)

Qualifying Exam Announcement - Template (docx)

Dissertation Defense Announcement - Template (docx)

COM Research Student-Mentor Agreement (docx)

Doctoral Qualifying Exam Form (completed by Chair) (doc)

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